False Love More Evil Than Open Hate

False love is more evil than open hatred. While some may try to convince you otherwise, and give evidence by referring to war crimes and other heinous measures, I can prove this statement to be true!

Families are the very atoms that make a country. And if those atoms can’t stick together, we end up not with a country, but with a melting mess. Yes, there is families that show outright contempt for each other, but what about the supposed stable families?

Stability is dependant on a number of things, like money, time and health. But through any problems that might arise is a miraculous remedy- love. Love might not pay the rent, but it does turn a house into a home. Each family member relies on each other, just as the families rely on each other, the states rely on each other and the government relies on the dependency of all.

However, in a home where there is love for all, but one of the gears are not truthfully reciprocating the love received, then all the gears are being robbed. At first this might go unnoticed. The other family members will work extra hard to fill the gap, although they may not realize why the gap is even there, or they may blame themselves and their own inadequacies.

The gaps caused from false love come in different styles. Perhaps a teen child is selfish and only works the world for what they can get, including working the parents. Or a father is only trying to act the role of a loving husband when in reality he despises the wife and kids for ruining his life and career. Maybe the mother regrets her wifely duties but performs since it is her job, then is so wrapped up in her own self pity that she neglects the children that came from those bedtime moments. There is innumerable ways for the gaps to happen, and innumerable reasons for people to lie about their love for each other.

Despite how and why, the effect is the same. For months or even years family members are lied to, they say things like I love you or I’ll always be there for you. This starts to create problems for the foundation. Eventually, after other member’s hard work to keep everything stable, the truth comes out. Then everyone is hurt.

Everyone has to face that what they believed to be reality was just an illusion. In an age where violence and hatred is so rampant, the need for security, for love, is much stronger than it used to be. When a person has to face that there never was any security, or that the amount of security was less than presumed, that person has to doubt everything and everyone else in their life.

For instance, a child, that learns their parent never really loved them but acted in order to keep the show rolling, will have to learn to trust others again. Or possibly will have to learn what real love is. But during that time, the child will hurt more people along the way. Or worse, that person will never heal, and will have a hard life. When a country is full of foundational problems, there are sure to be some stability problems the higher and deeper you search.

Sure, open hatred hurts, but at least you know who you’re friends are- or do you?

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