Falsely Accused of Fraudulent Online Activity?

There are dozens of moms who are online trying to find additional ways to supplement their income. But there are also plenty of people who are trying to run scams, just so they can earn a few bucks. What happens is you contract or agree to write something for someone and then they do not want to pay up. I have done some research on this topic and have found that it happens almost every day.

Whether it is writing articles, or doing surveys there are some legitimate sites, but there are just as many fraudulent ones. The problem with these fraudulent ones is that they can say anything they want about you online and even post false information about you, and there is really nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately in the society that we live in you are always assumed guilty. Also when working online it is a lot easier for people to make up fraudulent information about you.

But don’t despair there are some things that you can do in your own defense. While you may not be able to remove or delete their false comments about you, their is some action that you can take against them. First of all of they print any of your personal information than this is definitely a violation and you may be able to take legal action against them. Also there is blogging. You can create your own blog about this company, and write the facts, or your opinion of them.

The bottom line is that people are going to think what they want and their is really nothing you can do to make them agree with you. This is especially true if there are other people who are being paid by the company who falsely accused you. After you have posted your blog, the best thing to do would be to direct others to your comments and theirs and let them decide for themselves. Just remember that next time you should be a little more cautious and do your research before you begin working for any online company.

Also do not be surprised if they try to black ball you. What this means is that they will post on various message boards, and even to other companies the false information. Again after all of my research I have found that there really is not much you can do when it is online. You just have to look for those companies that do not believe everything they read, and are willing to give you a chance to prove that the information is false.

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