Family-Friendly Original Jokes and Puns for the Little Ones

What kid doesn’t like a silly goofball joke? As children we remember laughing again and again when a joke was punny. Ooops, I mean funny. Puns are a playful way to confuse words that sound similar but have totally different meanings. Kids love puns because they feel clever when they “get it”. Puns have been a part of comedy for centuries from literature to story telling to just plain riddles and jokes. It’s always fun to tell a kid a new joke or pun that makes them smile and giggle or belly laugh. These positive responses produce healing chemicals that make the body feel “good”. Here are some silly Family-Friendly Original Jokes and puns with a new twist. They are designed for the under 4 foot crowd. They are sure to produce a giggle or two, or at the very least a grunt or a groan. It’s all good fun. At the end of this article are links to the history of the pun and other web sites that feature puns. Once you read a bunch you will be inventing your own too and now you’ll have something light-hearted to share with your kids in the car or over cereal. Enjoy.

Why was the horse so happy?
Because he lived in a stable environment
Why did the boy put a stamp on the snail he found at the beach?
Because he heard his father preferred snail mail over email.


Why did the girl wear a bandaid to art class?
Because the art teacher said the best colored markers were sharpies.
What did the Cat say to the bird?
Let’s do lunch.
What did the bird say back to the cat?
Over my dead body.

What do ducks do when they see kids coming off the school bus?
They quack up at how funny the kids look.

Did you hear about the little boy who couldn’t sleep?
His mother told him to count sheep, but he got all confused because he only had a cowculator.

Why did the minister run out of the chicken coop?
Because he heard fowl language!

Why did the old lady hand the plumber an aspirin and a wet rag?
Because he looked a little flush.

Why did the pet fish try to escape from science class?

Because it heard the 4th period English teacher got Hooked On Phonics.

Why are fish always fit and trim?
Because they are surrounded by scales!

************ Why did the worm hide in the apple?
Because it was a sweet deal he couldn’t pass up.


Why did the mountain climber climb the tallest mountain in the world?
Because he believed in higher education.


What’s the difference between a two-story house and a garden rock?
About 40 feet.
Why did the little girl take the frog to the doctor?
Because it looked like it was going to croak.

What did the angry mother say to the boiling pot of spaghetti?
Simmer down
Why did the boy bring a stick of butter to the wedding?
He heard you should toast the bride and groom.


Why did the bumble bee leave the house?
It heard the school was having a spelling bee.

What is one food priests should never eat?
Devilled eggs.
Why did the little boy bring stale bread to the doctor’s office?
Because he heard some doctors were quacks.
What did the jogger say after the big 18 wheeler sped by?

I’m exhausted.
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