Famous Faces Free From Felonies

Judging by the recent acquittal of Michael Jackson on the charges of his long, drawn out case, it seems that famous people are allowed to do anything that their little hearts desire.

As we all have probably heard by now, Michael Jackson was acquitted of all of the charges brought up against him and his suspicious lifestyle. He was not charged for one single act, even giving minors alcohol. I know that once he’s acquitted he’s a free man and free to have slumber parties where he allows little boys to sleep in the same bed as himself. Not the best choice for somebody accused TWICE of child molestation, but hey, he’s a free man. I find it funny how the first accusation in 1993 was so quickly taken care of out of court, yet, this one lasted almost a year. Kind of makes you think maybe he was trying to avoid some guilt in the first case and was actually innocent in the second! Just a thought.

Now the Michael Jackson trial is the latest in a long line of celebrity cases where the accused Hollywood star is let off with nothing but a mere slap on the wrist. Take a look at the Hollywood news-makers who have beaten the wrap, not because of innocence, but possibly because of the money and fame.

O.J. Simpson – clearly killed his wife and her boyfriend – got off scot-free. Robert Blake – clearly killed his wife, or had her killed – got off scot-free. Jayson Williams of the NBA – clearly tried to cover up killing his limo driver – got off scot-free. Robert Downey Jr. – avid drug user and all around junky – didn’t get off scot-free, but he can still get work in Hollywood!

Do you see a pattern forming? I mean when will this end? Is it the fame, the money or the simple fact that the jurors are so star struck that they can’t look past the fame and fortune and see the facts as they are presented. There is a law in this country that states anybody charged with a crime must be judged by a jury of their peers. I’m trying to figure out how twelve star-struck jurors who are mostly middle-class people with not-so-spectacular incomes are considered a rich and famous Hollywood celebrity’s peer? It amazes me! Maybe what should happen is the next time a Hollywood superstar gets charged with a felony (and it WILL happen again) we should make all the jurors celebrities. You see, they won’t care that so and so is famous because they are too, leaving nothing but the straight-forward facts and hopefully, some guilty verdicts in these Hollywood cases that always seem to have the Hollywood endings.

All I know is that if something isn’t done and done fast, the next time a degenerate murder wants to off his wife or some other innocent human being, they may hire an actor, a sports star, a musician or some other famous person to do their dirty work because you and I and everybody else knows, that they will be able to get away with it, all they have to do is flash that million dollar smile and whip-out that million dollar checkbook and even the judge would apologize for the inconvenience of a trial!

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