Fashion Spotlight: Costume National

“I have imaged the woman in the future: romantic and martial,” fluidly spoken by Ennio Capasa.. So how do you keep your wardrobe versatile this summer, without looking bad wearing black. Look no further than an innovative Italian designer Ennio Capssa. Simply one of the best of Italian style; not common knowledge on this side of the Atlantic (except for true fashionistas). The brain child of designer Ennio Capasa and perfumer Laurent Bruyere; CoSTUME NATIONAL affords women an opportunity to find their true style while not falling into the commercialization of design.

Every wardrobe needs signature pieces that are timeless and dynamic. Something that won’t become a fashion fad as we like to say (Remember low rider jeans). Not only does CoSTUME NATIONAL integrate common sense with style, it’s romances you with it’s look and feel. Most of Capasa’s collections revolve around black. Black dominates the whole collection, but in an innovative unexpected way. Thus, allowing the collections to be timeless and versatile to stand the test of the seasons. In addition, he aims to utilize traditional men’s wear fabrics and the mix it up with typically feminine weaves and cuts. Imagine sharp defining lines highlighting your shoulders and sliming the waist-line. It epitomizes that style is eternal, while fashions fade (a famous YSL quote by the way). Honestly, I’m even in love with their campaign, – -for fashion animals! What a great slogan.

Capaa’s refined urban style comes from his humble life in Italy. from the interplay of fabric; black and white, gloss, mat, and transparencies to show cuts. Consequently, creating shadows and sharp lines in the fabrics details. He didn’t stop there. In 1993, Ennio Capasa launched CoSTUME NATIONAL Homme; blurring the boundaries between formal and informal men’s wear to balance modern, ready-to-wear and the Italian sartorial tradition (STYLE.COM.) When you wear CoSTUME NATIONAL you feel assertive, elegant and avant-garde. To view phots of CoSTUME NATIOANLS latest runway collections look to NY Mags Website.

Where to Buy
* Bergdorf Goodman
* Costume National
* Barneys

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