Father Daughter Crafts: American Flag Foot Stool

This father daughter craft is a fun and patriotic American flag stool, perfect for a weekend project. This father daughter craft is super easy and does not take too long to make. One rainy Saturday in the garage and you will have a fun patriotic craft made in no time.

To Make This Father Daughter Craft Foot Stool You Will Need:



Wood Burner (optional)

Paint Brush


Wood Glue

Jig Saw (optional)

To get started you want to cut out a piece of plywood to 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide. This is the top of the bench. You really can make this as large or as small as your want, but for simple stool or step stool this is a great size.

Now, for the legs. Take the same sheet of plywood and cut out some rectangles that are 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall. You will need 2 of these. They will be the legs and again, you can customize the height and width to fit your needs.

Now, take an coffee can, cup, or even a bowl and lay it at the base of each leg. You want to create a half circle to trace on the bottom, which is one of the 8 inch sides.

Trace the half circle on the bottom edge of the boards. Use the jig saw to cut this out.

This is the only part of the father daughter craft that probably should be left up to dad. You can skip this step if you wish, but it does add a nice touch.

If you do not own a saw, a jig saw is simple to use and inexpensive to buy or rent.

Now, to install the legs you want to pre drill 2 holes on each top side of the top of the stool. Do these about 2 inches in from each side. Drill through the top of the stool.

Place the legs under the drilled holes and mark those as well. Pre drill those holes next.

Line up the legs with the pre drilled holes and screw into place.

Tip: You could also attach the legs to the step stool with L bracket on the under side. Pre drill those holes as well.

Now, on to painting. This is where the fun happens. Primer the wood out first for best results.

Once any primer dries you can paint out the step stool in an American flag theme.

Another fun look is to use decoupage medium and decoupage an American flag made from paper to the top of the stool. This looks amazing and will accent any paint color you have applied to the stool!

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