Father’s Day Celebration and Gift Ideas

The type of father you’re celebrating dictates the kind of gift you give.

For instance, if you have a step dad like mine who I’ve known since I was eight who loves fishing and cooking out something along those lines would be appropriate.

Sentimental types enjoy items like personalized frames or pens, collages with memories of the two of you written or photographed, a poem, story, or prose about your relationship. You can also take a picture of the two of you and have it silk screened onto a t-shirt. Another idea is to create a “This is Your Life” book complete with pictures and mementos.

If your dad likes to cook surprise him with a home cooked meal, funny apron, or gift certificate to a nice restaurant.

For the father with a sense of humor try gag gifts, funny CDs, or tickets to a comedy show.

For movie buffs, download a Father’s Day movie or give him movie passes for his special day.

For the dad who never buys himself anything, see if he might need a new wallet, if his is falling apart.

For the avid reader, buy him a book by his favorite author; get him a gift certificate to a bookstore, or tickets to a literary event.

For the high-tech dad, get him an addition to his stereo system, a component or companion to make his music more enjoyable or buy him a CD of his favorite artist. You can also buy him a biography of his chosen musician or a lyric book of songs he likes.

For shutterbugs (if you have money to burn) buy him a new camera with all the bells and whistles that will keep him busy for hours.

You can celebrate Father’s Day all kinds of ways from breakfast in bed to a sporting event.

If you don’t have much money you can tackle his To Do list of things he wants or needs to fix around the house. Or make homemade coupons offering to do things like get his car washed or pay for a haircut for him.

If you have a video camera or can borrow one, make a movie about a day in the life of your celebrated dad.
If you have an athletic dad, go on his workout with him for family bonding. Go on a bike road, a long nature walk or hike, or register him and a couple of the kids for an upcoming 5K run.

Another option is to get his family and friends to talk about him on video then have a party and show the movie to him on his special day.

Find out if your dad had favorite board games growing up and play them now with him.

Have an extended family dinner and invite relatives for a grand meal centered on Dad.

For the child in him, take him to play miniature golf, go to the zoo, an amusement park, or any other like-minded event.

If it’s a nice day, have a picnic at a park and enjoy the scenery. Don’t forget the camera.

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