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Pubs have always been a confluence for discrete groups. For example, J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis formed a literary group called Inklings which met at a pub in the 1930s. They read aloud their fiction amidst the draughts of ale. Beer, then, was an accomplice in exposing the world to Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf and company. Other groups met at pubs, too and enjoyed fellowship over a pint or tankard of ale. The Internet is its own world and has quite a population. It is not without its pubs. They are found in the form of blogs – beer blogs. While not able to share an actual pint, visitors to a beer blog can learn about new and regional beers, brewing techniques, beer festivals and they are exposed to unique groups of people with a common interest – beer.

Here are some of my favorite blogs:

1. Mesquito Brewing Institute. You can find this “pub” at www.lastshredsofdignity.blogspot.com. There’s nothing spectacular or sophisticated about this blog, but it is fun to visit. The name evokes an image of an antiquated university; like walking into a classroom, many of the posts contain links to some interesting and enlightening articles. Additionally, there are some links to vital brewing websites on the sidebar. This blog was designed for three friends to keep up to date with each other in regard to brewing. They also have a movie festival that they discuss on occasion. It sounds like a good time, and it always involves beer. This place is a good time-waster, an innocuous spot of sincerity on the web. Of course, it’s also my own blog, so I’ve gotta like it.

2. A Good Beer Blog. Location: www.beerblog.genx40.com. The owner(s) of this pub – I should say, the writer(s) of this blog – know their beer and they take it seriously. I enjoy their insights into the world of brewing. There are a number of categories that a beer lover can wade into. Among them: Beer News, Beer Reviews, Beer, Language and Writing, Home Brewing âÂ?¦. It just goes on. The beer reviews are superb and at times pithy and humorous; I read with delight the comments on Rogue’s Double Chocolate Stout. It’s wonderful to know that the brewer’s I find spectacular are viewed the same by other people. They, too, have excellent links to brewing sources and to other great beer blogs. And they’ll even take your money, if you’d like to advertise with them. Another useful tool is the Good Beer Blog Nation. I signed up for this some time ago and apparently didn’t remember or didn’t realize that the two were linked. Only in researching this brief article did I discover the connection. I love the “National Six-Pack” posts. After reading Alan’s entries, I want to go forth and sample every beer on the west coast and sort them by brewery and style and write about every one of them. A Good Beer Blog never fails to engender in me a desire to have a beer the moment I enter the site.

3. Beer Haiku Daily. Here’s the site: http://www.beerhaikudaily.com. There’s not much to this beer blog, either. But I like it all the same. First, it’s primary subject matter appeals to me: beer. It’s secondary subject matter is also appealing: poetry, in this case haiku. I find my pursuits in beer and linguistics often interconnecting. While searching for good beer blogs, I came across this site. Each day, the “bartender” posts a new haiku about beer. After reading some poems I did a little research into haiku’s; their history, structure, appeal, etc. So beer led me to an understanding of these small poems. Well, maybe not an understanding but at least a bit of knowledge. It, too, has many links to other brewing and beer sources. Most importantly, this blog was generous enough to publish one of my humble beer haiku’s.

4. Additional Blogs. Simply go to www.usbdt.com and sign up! This site makes you feel like you’re part of something – you’re a team member! A beer drinking team member! Yeah! Well, anyway, there are a number of blogs by team members. www.hailtheale.com/blog is worth checking out especially with its link to The Art of Drink.

There are hundreds of excellent blogs about beer. Whether you’re interested in drinking beer, brewing beer or reviewing beer you’ll definitely find a blog that fits your needs. And after reading a few, you’ll probably be inspired to create your own beer blog.

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