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Being a news and opinion junkie, I spend about 3 or 4 hours every day online, looking for news and opinion blogs. Reading the dry stories run by CNN or BBC doesn’t satisfy the new hound within me. So I go after my favorite news and opinion blogs.

Huffingtonpost.com’s blog is something I look forward to reading every day. It has a wide array of bloggers, from Senator Murtha to Ms. Huffington herself. The bloggers analyze the news, some criticize the news makers some have the same feeling for us, news readers. The comments left by readers are interesting and add to the matter presented by the blogger. To say the least, I am hooked.

I came across this blog, wonkette.com, while checking out the blogs listed on Huffingtonpost. News with dash of humor and occasional jab is what you will find in wonkette.com. From Senator Specter to Wolf Blitzer of CNN, no one is safe from wonkette’s quirky comments.

Reading an Iraqi girl’s blog, riverbendblog.blogspot.com, is like an adventure. Getting to know the ground realities in Iraq, how people are living through these tough times, their sorrows, their hopes. Riverbend, as she likes to call herself, has a flow in her writing, in her description of death and destruction. Perhaps that’s why she named herself Riverbend. There is this magnetic quality in her writing, which makes me visit her blog everyday.

Then there is mahablog.com. This blog is unique in the way it presents the issues and the points for and against it. Here you can find discussion from the hot topics to the hidden but important topics. Recently there was a piece on public schools, with great analysis and presentation.

Now that the situation in the Middle East is so out of control, I have been following the events going through the local blogs. They are new additions to my list of favorite news and opinion blogs. This blog from Lebanon, lebop.blogspot.com gives the ground reality of life in Lebanon, especially in Beirut during this time of crises. Surprisingly contained and reasonable, this blog is not like many other “hate” blogs which seemed to have appeared overnight to take advantage of the chaos in the region. To learn an Israeli’s view there is yonathanbert.blogspot.com/. The blogger is a Dutch who immigrated to Israel and now lives in Haifa, which incidentally is in the frontline of the Middle East conflict. For Palestinian view, there is sabbah.biz/mt/. The author is a Palestinian who now lives in Bahrain .Some postings are In Arabic though, but mostly he uses English.

Every day I come across new blogs which are interesting but then so many of then just fizzle out without consistency and effort. I think that my favorite news and opinion blogs are in the list of favorites of many others because of their regularity, consistency and their quality. Hopefully you will enjoy visiting these blogs as much as I do.

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