Fears of Driving Realized

When I was still a kid, I was afraid of riding any of the automobiles.

Perhaps this is due to the stigma attached by the mass media coverage on collisions, explosions, fortuitous events and other incidents and accidents relating to the latter aside form the day to day accidents happening before my very eyes.

I carried this stigma until I became a teenager. This is because the image of being hit and the aftermath of collision are still fresh in my mind. I am afraid that if ever I will become a driver or a rider for that matter, I might also cause the same to innocent persons who trusted me with their lives but failed them. Not only that I might also my very life by virtue of said circumstances. I even envision myself drenched in blood, injured and half-dead. By this reason, I was always accompanied by a chauffeur.

However, as I grew older and older, I find my brothers independence tempting. They can go wherever they wanted to without being dependent on a chauffeur. They drive, they enjoy, they rule!

Perhaps, it was the fun and excitement that drove me to start my riding experience. Perhaps, it was the dangerous nature that lures me. Perhaps, it was my urge to prove my worth. Nevertheless, whatever the stirring reason, I’m still happy I started this thrilling adventure.

I was checking my Yamaha motorcycle parts then if they were still in good condition when my brother spoke from behind.. The words reverberate in my consciousness – “How many times do I have to tell you not drink and drive? That is one of the important things that you must consider.” He told me this maybe because he knew I’ve gone bar hopping the night before and drove myself home. ( I have never escaped those probing eyes huh!)

Last month my eldest brother uttered “I know you’re kinda reckless but do not use mobile phones while driving”. This was his line after they caught me inflagrante delicto talking to my classmate on the phone while driving a motorcycle. And then a sermon will likely to take effect. “It loses your focus on the road and may lead you to untoward accident. Driving is estimating risks and using mobile phones is a big deal…and so it goes âÂ?¦ yada yada.

Before, I take for granted the advice I got from both of them. But now I have learned my lesson and I learned it with a bang. I recently encountered a head-on collision. My fears when I was still a child came to reality. The monster that haunted me has caught me. I was not able to walk for two weeks now. I was bedridden since the accident but my doctor says I will be perfectly fine in a matter of two months. Good thing I was still alive to live and share my lessons.

Advice is really a big deal like my brothers told me. What’s wrong in following them if it means saving more lives – your very life includedâÂ?¦

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