Febreze Air Effects Extra Strength- Boy Do They Mean Extra Strength!

A couple of months ago I found a two pack of Febreze Air Effects Extra Strength in Clean Citrus Scent. I had never heard of the extra strength version, but I liked the clean citrus in the Febreze Air Effects line, so I figured this was worth a try. This also comes in an extra strength pet odors variety as well.

I got a 2 pack of 9.7 oz cans for $3, so it was a pretty good price. Not that we have an extra smelly house or anything, but our house is like everyone else’s in that everyday, run of the mill odors add up inside and just give the house that stale smell and needs freshening up.

The extra strength version will have a little darker blue on the can than the lighter blue that is on the regular Air Effects line. There are only two available in this ‘extra strength’ line.

When they say extra strength, boy do they mean it! You really don’t need to use much of this at all to get the full effect of it. If you get too much sprayed out, you’ll be overwhelmed by it. It has a great orange scent to me, but I find for a good sized room you need about 2 light, quick sprays of the trigger. Any more than that and you’ll find you could gag off the scent and it’s just too much. I’ve had the two cans around 6 months and still have not used them up yet, so you see how little you have to use.

It really does help get rid of any odors as well, not just those everyday freshening up needs. If you have pets, this will help with those smells as well. I find also that the scent lingers for a good while after using and makes the room very refreshing for a few hours.

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