Febreze Fabric Refresher–The Miracle Product

Febreze fabric refresher has been a staple in my home now for as long as it has been on the market. Over time, I have discovered that the uses for this wonderful product stretch far beyond the listed uses. Here are some ideas that you might want to try out next time you have a bottle handy:

1.There is nothing on the market better to refresh your clothes and linens, regardless of the time or place. The flexibility of the product is great and it dries quickly as well.

2.This product is awesome in your car. If you are a smoker, and want to refresh your interior, spray some on a rag, and wipe down your dash. It lingers nicely, and you can also toot a few sprays into your seats. This to me, is better than an air freshener.

3.A quick blast or ten from this product will solve the “unexpected visitor” problem quite nicely, and make it seem as though you are right on top of your cleaning. No more trying to keep them on the front porch!

4.If you have a perpetually smelly place in your home, here is another great use. I know my basement stays smelly, and is also the location of my storage, and my ping pong table. It is an unfinished basement, so keeping the smell out through cleaning alone is impossible. It still has a musty odor from time to time. If I know I am going to be down there for any period of time, I will pour about an inch high amount into a bowl, and place it in front of a running fan in the corner of the basement. You do want to place the bowl a couple of feet in front of the fan however, for it to be effective, and not overly strong.

5. If you have babies, this product’s uses are absolutely required. My favorite trick when my girls were infants was to use this in conjunction with the diaper genie. While the diaper genie would keep the smells down a bit, if you tooted Febreze into the diaper a couple of times before you put it in, then I could take a bit longer between dumping the genie. Also, it really helped when you opened the genie to carry it out or dump in more diapers. (every little bit helps with diapers)

These are just a handful of creative ways to make your life smell better with this innovative product. By all means, experiment. Solutions are found all the time in creative ways to life’s problems. You only need to think outside the norm. Hope this article helps!

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