Feed the Hungry with No Money

It’s sad to see commercials and ads asking you to help feed the hungry. If you have the money and can afford it, by all means, help those less fortunate. But, if you have little cash yet your heart yearns to give some sort of help to the unfortunate there are still ways that you can.

Online there is a website called The Hunger Site. Go to their website at www.thehungersite.com and click where it says “help feed the hungry”. You need no money to do this, just a few minutes of your time.

How this site works is that sponsors donate money for each visitor that clicks on “help feed the hungry”. Visitors can click on the link once a day to donate. Even though the money doesn’t come from the pocket of the visitor, the person can still feel as though they’ve done something to help the less fortunate. And since the sponsors get their websites viewed by visitors, they’re happy to make small donations for each one.

Tell all your friends to log in to the site each day and between all of you there can be a big difference made. When those friends tell more friends there’s no limit to how much can be donated, across the world, to feed the hungry. And you can help more than just hungry people by clicking at the site.

From The Hunger Site you can also click and donate free mammograms, fund healthcare for children, donate books for kids, preserve endangered land, and donate for animal rescues and food. The other donations work in the same manner as does The Hunger Site. Simply click on the links and sponsors will donate for you.

Being broke is no longer an excuse for not doing your part to fight world hunger, healthcare issues, illiteracy, and other good causes. And, clicking daily for all of these causes takes no more than five minutes. Who doesn’t have five minutes to donate to help these great causes?

You’ll feel good about yourself when you make the daily effort to help less fortunate people in need and you don’t have to worry about money. Tell all your friends to tell all their friends and let’s join in together to help our nation and other countries as well.

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