Fernando Alonso: Formula 1’s Youngest Champion

At age 24, the hunky race car driver from Spain raced across the finish line and into many of the world’s fluttering hearts. Fernando Alonso became Formula 1’s youngest champion ever during the 2005 season with his mature and measured performances on the track. Off the track, Fernando’s good looks, warm smile and sense of humor has earned him a spot in the hearts of Formula 1 fans across the globe.

Fernando Alonso was born in Spain to a working class family. His father, an amateur kart racer, introduced him to the sport of racing by building a pedal kart that mimicked a F1 car at the tender age of three. As he grew older, he entered karting competitions across Spain winning just about every race he entered. By the time he was a teenager he had won the World Junior Karting Championship in 1996.

Over the years, he switched to open wheel racing and jumped over to Formula 1 in 2001. After winning the 2005 Formula 1 championship, Fernando Alonso dedicated the championship to his family and close friends who supported him over the years. He noted that Spain lack’s a Formula 1 culture and getting to this point was a fight, every step of the way.

Fernando Alonso dominates the race track in his sky blue and yellow F1 car. After the race, he dons a pair of cool sunglasses and lets down his long brown hair. His look out of uniform is low key yet fashionable and refreshing.

Now famous, a phenomenon called “Alonsomania” has swept Spain. Despite his fame, the charming but boyish race car driver remains dedicated to living a normal life and doing the usual things for “a lad my age”.

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