Filing Your Tax Returns in Cortland, New York

Almost everyone spends all year waiting and preparing for tax season. As soon as those W-2 forms arrive in the mail, many individuals head straight for tax service centers. If you live in or around the Cortland, New York area you will have a selection of numerous companies that will prepare your taxes for a fee. Below is a list of some of the most popular tax service offices in the area.

(1) Whether you live in Cortland or across the country, you have most likely heard of H&R Block. They are one of the most widely known tax prepares in the country. The H&R Office in Cortland is located at 281 Groton Avenue, in the Groton Avenue Plaza.

Each location of H&R Block strives to make your service the best that is available You are given the H&R Block Satisfaction Guarantee, that will ensure you are given quality service and the refund that you deserve. The Cortland H&R Block location offers around the year service; however, during the office season hours are extremely limited. At H&R Block, a trained tax professional will prepare your New York State and federal taxes.

Due to changing hours and increased business during tax season, you are encouraged to call and schedule and appointment before arriving at the H&R Block location. You can schedule an appointment by calling (607) 753-1438. You may also obtain more information concerning H&R Block or even sign up for a tax preparation class by visiting their website at

(2) Jackson Hewitt is another tax service company known across the country. Jackson Hewitt offers three different locations in the Cortland area. The first location is only a seasonal office and is located at 13 River Street. The locations at 3941 West Road and 91 Main Street offer year round service, with limited hours not during the traditional tax season.

Jackson Hewitt only allows trained tax professionals to work at their locations; therefore, your personal information is safe and you are guaranteed quality service. New York state and federal tax returns can be prepared here for individuals or business owners.

During the peak of tax season, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment ahead of time. Although an appointment is not required for most offices, it may dramatically decrease your wait time. To schedule an appointment call (607) 753-0190 and you should be able to schedule an appointment with any of the locations.

(3) The office Ciaschi, Dietershagen, Little, Mickkleson & Company is located at 39 Church Street in Cortland. They are public certified accounts.

The members of Ciaschi, Dietershagen, Little Mickkleson & Company are able to properly prepare and file personal or business taxes. They are equally trained and able to handle your tax returns as the larger nationally known companies.

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment or acquire more information about the services offered at (607) 753-7439. You may also visit their website at

Whether you plan on having your tax returns filed with H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, or Ciaschi, Dietershagen, Little, Mickkleson & Company you are sure to receive professionally outstanding service.

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