Find Great Plus Size Swimwear

Three words to bring dread into the hearts of most women: bathing suit shopping. Finding the store then finding a parking place for the car, then finding quarters for the parking meter. Then taking the escalator or elevator through the mall to the store filled with shoppers rushing around trying to take care of their errands. Arriving at the bathing suit department to discover that it is filled with women and you are going to have to wait to get a dressing room. Then looking around at the selection to discover that they only carry a few plus size bathing suits – that you went to all of this trouble to look at three bathing suits! There has to be a better way. There just has to be.

Well there is. You can shop online for your bathing suit and have your choice between many bathing suits, different colors and styles. The only difference with online or catalog shopping versus in-person shopping is that your suit arrive within a week or so as opposed to taking it home from the store that day. But if you are willing to pay more for express shipping, you can have your suit within days, or maybe even tommorow. Remember if you are going to shop online with a store or catalog, to be sure to take your measurements and go by their sizes, not by your regular size. They could consider you to be a slightly different size, but you want to be sure to get the best fit.

Just My Size ( At Just My Size you can find lots of suits to select from. They have one piece suits and two piece suits. They also have suits for those with long torsos. They also have suits for women who have had mastectomies. Sizes range from 14w to 26w. Lots of pretty colors from bold patterns to solid colors and more delicate patterns. Something for everybody.

Lands End (www.landsend) At Lands End they have suits for plus size women. To find them first visit the Plus Size section and then click on “Swimsuits” and all of the selections will come up. They have one piece tanks and tankinis. They also have what they call “mix and match” two piece items that are cute where you can create your own suit, they look like tankinis, or even bathing suits with skirts that are two piece. They also have cover ups.

LLBean (www.llbean) At LLBean they have suits for plus size women. You can find the bathing suits by first clicking on “Women” and then you will see under “Swimsuits” a selection for Plus Size Swimsuits. Their bathing suits are very sporty looking. They consider plus size 18w to 26w. They have tank suits and skirt suits and what they call “jogger suits” with little shorts on them, very cute.

Kiyonna ( They have a small selection of swimwear, only four items. I have included them in this article because their swimwear selection is pretty and kind of glamourous. It includes a leopard print glamour-girl halter top style bathing suit and a pleated bathing suit and a bathing suit with a skirt on it. Sizes from 1x-3x

Silhouettes (www.silhouettes) Silhouttes has lots of bathing suits, they have tanks and skirt suits and tankinis. A very pretty selection of bathing suits. They also have great cover ups, some that are long, and others that are short. Sizes from 16 to 24.

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