Find Pre-Screened Home Improvement Contractors

One sure thing about owning your own home is that there are going to be needed repairs along the way. Whether you’re having a small job done, like painting, or a large job, like remodeling a kitchen, you still want the most reputable home improvement contractor available. Contractors are a dime a dozen but finding just the right one can take a lot of time and effort.

There’s a site that lists contractors, some in your area, who have been pre-screened and found to be legitimate, honest and price-competitive. Contractors who think they belong in this group can apply to the site who will then check their reputation.

There’s one downfall to the whole pre-screened contractor business: they mostly list contractors that are located in major cities. If you live close to one of these towns, you’re good to go, but if not, this may not be the service for you.

The network includes service professionals in over 500 categories, like cleaning, remodeling, roofing, decking, pipe work, yard work and cement work. To begin the search for the appropriate company the customer first submits a short description of the service needed by answering a few brief questions. And, after they’ve located the perfect company to serve you, you are under no obligation. Get an estimate or do nothing else – it’s up to you.

This site guarantees the match, too. Notify them if you end up hiring the recommended company, then if there’s any problems they will work with you to straighten them out. And, they’re even willing to provide up to $500 of additional labor to make you happy. Make sure you read and understand the full Service Guarantee at their site. Go to the site and read many customer reviews to see how others liked the services.

The criteria required to become a recommended contractor includes proper licensing, any prior legal problems concerning the business, judgements against the business and any bonding information. Although they invest quite a lot in checking the credentials of the contractors, there’s no fee to use the services.

The site also features a Homeowner’s Library containing articles, pictures and diagrams of topics related to homes and repairs. Learn more about various home repair projects, get remodeling tips, even maintenance tips and hints.

Take the headache and disappointment out of having home remodeling jobs done by a contractor. Save yourself the hassle of making phone calls, trying to check backgrounds, and attempting to find out more about the contractors. Let someone else do all the legwork for you.

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