Finding Ghost Hunting Equipment and Proof of Spirits

The hit television show, Ghost Hunters, demonstrates the vast number of people who believe or want to believe in the supernatural phenomenon of ghosts. History itself has proven the enduring human tendency to believe or the ‘want to
believe’ in visitors from beyond.

Seances (communication with the deceased via a medium) can be traced back to the third century, but its popularity
grew in the 1800s. In recent years the tread has resurfaced under a slightly different format. For example, the Crossing
with John Edwards televison show. In the show his ability to communicate with the dead astonished the public.

I remember how furious I became the first time we viewed John Edward’s show. It seemed unconscionable that a person would prey on people who were grieving for their loved ones. Having lost my mother and father, I understood how
desperately his viewers were trying to find comfort or hope in his words. On the surface John Edwards appeared to be genuinely able to talk to love ones who had died. Or did he? Skeptics are quick to point out that Spiritualist have
perfected the ability to read and manipulate people.

In the past few hundred years alone, countless fortunes have been spent on exploring the possibility of communication
with those who have gone before us. Today ghost hunting has become a seriously expensive hobby/occupation. Manufactures, always quick to fill the needs of the consumers, have created a barrage of ghost hunting equipment.
Other, more legitimate equipment, has also been adapted to serve the needs of the spirit hunting community.

Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment (Cost):

Notebook and pens/pencils. ($5-$10)
Flash Lights ($5-$10)
Tape Recorders ($20-$70)
35mm cameras ($5-$300)
Cold Spot Detectors ($60-$90)
Night Vision Equipment ($30-$4000),
EMF Detector ($24-$130)
Thermometer ($10-$70)
Motion Sensor ($20-25)
Compass ($5-40)
Infrared Thermal Scanner ($300-$500)
Air Ion Counter ($400-$600)
Headset Communicators ($30-$80)
Spot Lights ($50-$200)

This list can be much more extensive, depending on how much money you want to pour into the endeavor.

There are entire websites devoted to what they term ‘proof’ of the paranormal experiences. These sites offer up amazing pictures and eerie Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) of what they claim to be spirits. Then there are the theories that
don’t totally dismiss spirits, but instead places them in the heavenly realm. They believe that the spiritual encounters are
with beings of the biblical nature – as in evil spirits and angels.

And last we have the scientific or skeptical viewpoint. These sites give you reasonable explanations to seemingly strange phenomenon or scientific proof that debunks them.

It seems to me that the basic problem isn’t with ghosts, but with human nature. We are all acutely aware of our mortality
and seek understanding or solace concerning the afterlife. We find comfort in the belief that there is more beyond and
cling to stories of ghosts as proof of a continuation after death. Then there is the simple fact of appeal – ghost stories are scary and maybe more to the point, entertaining.

In truth, each of us tend to lean one way or the other and it really doesn’t matter if a case can be made or not. We will
believe or scoff regardless of proof (or lack thereof) because that is our nature. So, for those who scoff, just flip it to the
History Channel. As for the believers, just have fun and don’t get so obsessed that you forget about living in the here
and now.





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