Finding Neverland: A New Sort of Peter Pan Movie

Being a big movie buff and an immense Peter Pan fan, I couldn’t wait for Finding Neverland to become available. The handsome and clever Johnny Depp was certainly a draw for this delightful idea for a film, covering not just Peter Pan, but also the writer himself, Mr. J. M Barrie.

Unlike many people who have only heard of Peter Pan through Disney’s cartoon version, Peter Pan is a great play and book. If you haven’t read them or viewed the original play, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Peter Pan really is a unique story, and there is so much more to the book than what’s revealed in any movie.

In rare instances do we get to see a good Peter Pan movie. Obviously, Hollywood doesn’t want to over do this treasured classic. My personal favorite lately has been the Peter Pan with Jason Isaacs as Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. That one really warmed the heart. (I do believe in fairies!)

Finding Neverland offers it’s own colorful look at the world of Mr. J. M. Barrie – played by Johnny Depp. Mr. Barrie, a popular screenwriter, hits a cold streak until he meets a charming widow (Kate Winslet) with four boys who need Mr. Barrie’s imagination as much as he needed them for inspiration.

While writing a play for children was a little out of the ordinary at the time, Mr. Barrie obviously struck a cord with his magical debut of Peter Pan. Its spirited story is about a boy who never grows up and it touches kids and anyone still young at heart.

Today we see renewed versions of the play through Hollywood and theater productions. Efforts are currently being taken to write a sequel, to which even famous writers like JK Rowling were asked to write. JK Rowling may have declined the offer, but shall we soon see a sequel to Mr. Barrie’s fantasy adventure?

Finding Neverland was nominated for not just one, but seven academy awards, including Best Picture and awarded two thumbs up by Ebert and Roeper. Its rave reviews have given it an honorary title of one of the best movies of the year. It’s a heartwarming film that will find a home in my own DVD collection.

If you have not yet seen the special edition DVD collector’s set, you are certainly in for a treat. Keeping up with tradition with other DVD movies, it’s packed with features like outtakes, bonus footage and commentary and special clips on how the movie was made.

The outtakes are hilarious, and it’s funny to watch the boys giggling after Johnny Depp.

The bonuses also include special deleted scenes that were not seen in theaters. It’s always an interesting add on when you can see even more beautiful footage and how the story was meant to be seen.

My favorite scene includes J. M. Barrie trying to win over a little boy named Peter, who appears to have forgotten what it’s like to have a little fun and imagination.

The clever use of simple props to make an entire new world come to life in colorful detail not only makes Finding Neverland an enjoyable and entertaining film, but also an artistic pleasure for the eyes.

Finding Neverland is rated PG and is a enchanting story for parents and children of all ages. Find your own Neverland and discover how Peter Pan was brought to life.

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