Finding a Modest Prom Dress

Prom approaches during the springtime of each year. For many young women and their mothers, finding a modest, yet beautiful, prom dress is a must. In a society that is increasingly immodest in the name of “sexy” and “empowerment” many are choosing to wear more modest prom dresses to show that “beautiful” and “mysterious” are just as sexy and empowering as wearing nearly nothing.

But where to go to find such a dress? Most department stores carry immodest prom dresses because that is the fashion. As with most hard to find things these days, the answer is the Internet. There are plenty of Web sites that offer modest dresses in a variety of price ranges. Go ahead: Google “modest prom dress” and see what happens. You would be surprised. And there are plenty of ideas out there to make an immodest dress into a modest dress.

The easiest way to turn an immodest dress into a modest prom dress is to add a jacket or shawl. There are a variety of jacket styles, from short sleeved to long sleeved that have only to be worn over the top of a sleeveless or backless dress. Shawls and wraps are also great. They are quite fashionable and sophisticated, and can also cover the shoulders and back.

You can always sew your own prom dress, if you are inclined in that way. There are easy patterns for dresses at most craft and fabric stores. Many of the patterns cost between $8 and $15, which can mean that you end up with not only a modest dress, but one that saves you money as well. I went to every prom and dance in my younger years, and always had a modest dress. Most of them were made rather inexpensively by my mother.

My preferred Web site for modest prom dresses is This site is great. It offers cover up ideas, and dress make over ideas (do not attempt unless you know what you are doing). There are links to sites that offer low cost and modest prom dresses as well. But one of the neatest features is the sew your own dress feature. There is an option for you to “create” a unique dress designed to fit you properly. The site then creates a pattern that you can do yourself or take to a seamstress.

The other two options in this section are also great. There are easy patterns, all of them simple to sew, without zippers or buttons. A handy Q&A helps you figure out what materials you can use and how to make simple alterations. For those who really have a distaste for sewing, the site offers a “low sew” option. These are comprised of straight seams, hems, and gathers only. Excellent.

So, finding a modest prom dress is possible. All you have to do is just look around a bit.

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