Finding and Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides aren’t the only ones getting dressed up these days, bridesmaids are too. Every woman has a story about the awful bridesmaid’s dress they had to wear, and how she was promised it would be something she could wear again. There is nothing worse than having to walk down the aisle in a puffy pink dress that you hate and had to pay for. Luckily times have changed and bridesmaid dresses have become more elegant and wearable more than one time. Designers like Serafina and Vanessa Fox, in New York City, have opened up the market for bridal wear supplying modern bridesmaid dresses for all types of wedding parties.

Today’s bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of lengths and colors. It is wise to begin shopping for your bridesmaid dresses 4-6 months in advance because of ordering and shipping time, as well as allowing time for fittings. Nowadays bridesmaids do not wear the same dress; instead it is recommended that bridesmaid’s dresses are fit for specific body types. Before you go to the designer and begin to look through dresses get the measurements for all your bridesmaids. It is always helpful if you bring pictures of the bridesmaids because measurements don’t always tell the whole story.

The first time that you meet the designer, go alone. The worst thing you can do is bring all the bridesmaids with you. If there are too many cooks in the kitchen, nothing will get cooked at all. Bring your mother or father if you think you want someone to come with you. Talk with your designer about styles, fabrics, and accessories for your bridesmaids.

Try to think about what your bridesmaids can afford because typically they lay out the money for the dress. The more expensive the fabric is the more expensive the dress will be. Try to keep the dresses in a price range that all your bridesmaids can afford. Your second or third visit to the designer should be the time you bring the bridesmaids.

As a group you can decide what styles and colors are the best. Everyone shouldn’t wear the same dress because body types differ. Different styles look better on different body types. Your bridesmaids should feel sexy and comfortable in their dresses. Popular trends have shown that strapless and spaghetti strapped dresses in all lengths are the most wanted bridesmaid dresses. Strapless dresses allow for better freedom of movement which will increase the comfort.

Bridesmaid dresses have become more elegant with a lot more styles and colors to choose from. Make sure that you work with your bridesmaids as a group to determine what the best dress will be. Because bridesmaids often pay for their own dress it is not just the choice of the bride anymore. Let everyone voice their opinions and make sure everyone is comfortable. This may seem like hard work, pleasing everyone, but the designer will help you.

After the dresses have been ordered and shipped it is time to get the dresses fitted. Speak to your designer about how many girls should show up at a time for the fittings. Usually a single dress fitting can take up to an hour so it is probably best if each bridesmaid makes her own appointment to get fitted. You, as the bride, should attend each fitting. If there is something you don’t want or like, discuss it with your designer and the bridesmaids. For the most part, bridesmaid dresses should fit into the style of your wedding but should be nice enough that the bridesmaids can wear them again. This is one of the most important factors for bridesmaids when choosing a dress; they want to make sure it is something they can wear several times since they are paying for it.

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