Finding the Best Burger in Madison!

Finding the perfect burger can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many places to choose from. I am going to let you know about 3 fantastic places to go for a great bite to eat.

Dotty Dumplings Dowry: One Word: YYYUUUUMMMMMMYYYYY! Located downtown at 317 N. Francis St., it is pretty easy to get to and has lots of parking nearby (ramps). It is also located close to the Kohl Center and State Street. The burgers are great, with a fantastic flavor and condiment options. The sides are great; try the cheese curds or mushrooms. If you get the fries, one basket will serve at least two people. Dotty’s is smoke-free, very clean and the service is great. And did I mention that they also have a full-service bar and a great selection of beers on tap? How about lots of TVs…many of them Plasmas…yup, got those too! Dotty’s is definitely number 1 on my list!

Tony Franks (on the Beltline): You wouldn’t even know it if you weren’t looking for it. Perched at the top of the Seminole Hwy. Exit there sits a little white house. This is Tony Franks. Doesn’t look like much, but inside it is all Mom-n-Pop bar. Tiny place. Since Madison went smoke-free I am not sure how business is but you can count on them for a good burger. Something about the ancient grill gives the burgers a great taste. They recently added a deep fryer, so they now offer fries and various other sides.

Good Times Neighborhood Bar: Located right on Stoughton Rd (Hwy 51 North) in Madison. This is one of the best kept secrets of Madison’s East side. They haven’t been open that long and man are the burgers good! The offer lots of selections and have a great taste. They also offer a full menu of side options. This bar also has tons of TVs so you don’t have to miss the game. Smoke-Free. Great Service.

You know folks, this is the heart of Wisconsin. Burgers are everywhere and they don’t have to cost you $8.50 and come with soggy fries! Next time your hungry for a burger, keep driving right past the chain-restaurants and head for one of your local taverns or bars. You won’t be disappointed!

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