Finding the Perfect Belt for Each Outfit

Belts are probably the most overlooked accessory, but the right belt could really give your outfit a brand new look. Whether you like slim belts that subtly compliment your clothes, or a beaded, chunky belt that really makes a statement, you can find great belts within your budget that fit your personal style.

Patterned belts.
If you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit, or are putting two solid colors together, why not wear a patterned belt to bring out both colors, or add just the right accent to your outfit. Popular patterns include stripes and flowers, with traditional buckles, or Velcro and buttons. These belts can be worn with jeans or slacks, since many patterned belts tend to be a little thinner and look best in pants or skirts with loops. Check out stores like Old Navy (, Kenneth Cole (, and Kohl’s ( to find belts in a variety of patterns and price ranges.

Large, bohemian style belts.
These types of belts work best with long peasant skirts, tank tops and jeans, or sweater dresses. Usually, you can find bohemian-style belts woven together in leather strands with bead or sequin accents, which will really make your outfit stand out. Most of these belts don’t have a buckle, so you can tie the belts as tight as you need to, and you don’t have to wear much jewelry-let this be the main accessory. However, it’s best to wear this type of belt with long or quarter-length skirts; the belt shouldn’t be longer than the skirt. Discount stores like Marshall’s, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory have great deals on belts, and you can even check boutiques or local clothing stores in your area for original designs and colors.

Sash belts.
Got an old scarf you don’t use anymore? Turn it into a belt. You can also try this trick with men’s ties. This look works well with just about any outfit-you can wear a sash belt with a business suit or jeans. And, it’s probably the most inexpensive belt you’ll find as well. Some great places to find these are department stores wherever ties are sold, or even thrift stores.

For more ideas for great belts and other accessories, take a look in your closet-you never know what might find. You can use old purse straps and fabric pieces to make fashionable belts of your own. You can also check out stores like and

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