Finish Well

Does it matter where you start? Nope. Does it matter where you are now? Nope. You may be wiping down drink-stained tables bussing dishes at a catering hall and it’s not your party being celebrated, it’s just hard work, or you may be the CEO of a thriving public-company, it does not matter.
It does not matter where you start or where you are. It’s how you finish and to that end let me share with you a Randy Stonehill song that relentlessly speaks to me through the speakers in my car everyday during my enjoyable morning commute.

When you read these words, hear a California tenor softly singing with an acoustic-guitar rhythmically spurting out notes and harmonious chords as an accordion soothingly hums between verses in Danny Federici style. It starts out likes this:

“Here’s a simple little song that could be misconstrued

I could’ve made it clever, I just wasn’t in the mood

Sometimes it’s best to speak the truth plain.

You may not get the chance again

I know what you’re thinking,that wasn’t proper grammar, I can tell

Now that I got your attention, let me mention, I pray we finish well.

There are million shining highways that take you down to Babylon

But it’s the road less traveled that leads you from the darkness to the dawn.

Folks will say you’re just a simple fool,
As they chase the fickle butterfly of cool

Everyone has some agenda they’re trying to sell…

Point your heart like an arrow, walk the straight and narrow, I pray you finish well.

Finish well, finish well…for the Lord will complete what he has begun

(Chorus) Finish well…

So in the end when your race is finally run…(cymbals clashing)

They’ll say well done, You finished well, finish well.

Love will catch you when you fall,
it’s worth it all, if you finish well…”

Randy melodically carries on about a ragged journey and sometimes he stumbled along the path but Jesus picks him up and he hopes to finish well.

No writing of simply words can put a song in your head without the music but I wanted to share Randy’s encouraging lyrics.
If you want the cd go to and buy Spirit Walk, his latest album.

It is an awesome cd that is bound to inspire another writing or two from me but in the meantime I feel compelled to share his words with you. I hope they encourage you to finish well because you certainly can. It’s your call. It is up to you.

Buy his cd and I pray you finish well. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you start just FINISH well…

The Lord says in Philippians 1:6 that He has begun a good work in you and He will complete the work He started. Now it’s up to you my friends to seek that good work and I pray you finish well.

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