Fireworks Safety

Most of us love fireworks each year! Fireworks create excitement for everyone! We need to remember fireworks safety though! Almost each year injuries occur due to people not handling fireworks properly. Injuries such as blindness and eye injuries have occurred over the years. Fireworks should only be lighted by professionals who know how to handle fireworks properly.

People are much safer each year by going to a professional firework display place that the city has each year to watch the fireworks instead of doing fireworks at home. Here are tips regarding firework safety for home.

Always light fireworks outside away from any buildings

Make sure to always light fireworks outside away from any buildings. Don’t light them next to any plastic chairs. Make sure to keep them away from anything that can catch on fire easy. Be smart about it. Use common sense when using fireworks.

Don’t take apart them and never modify them

Don’t try to take apart fireworks and never modify them. They aren’t made for tweaking. Never try to use fireworks for something else. Fireworks are extremely dangerous when not used properly. Don’t let little kids take apart fireworks. Make sure to have professionals handle the fireworks.

Keep little kids away from fireworks

Make sure to keep kids away from fireworks. Don’t let them light fireworks alone. Make sure to always have an adult that is a professional with fireworks to light the fireworks. Don’t let kids play with matches either.

Never give any fireworks to kids

Any fireworks including those little twinkler sprinkly fireworks are dangerous. All fireworks are dangerous and should never be given to children. Children don’t know how to properly handle fireworks. Little twinkler fireworks may seem harmless, but they aren’t. It is better to be over protective than nothing at all.

Read All Directions

Make sure to always read and follow the directions carefully before lighting fireworks. Don’t assume that you know what you are doing. Make sure to read the directions just to be on the safe side. Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket.

Store fireworks in a cool place

If you buy fireworks then make sure to always store them in a cool place. Don’t put them by any dangerous places. If you buy fireworks make sure it is by a certified fireworks seller. Don’t buy fireworks from any strange places. Don’t buy any illegal fireworks. There is laws about fireworks for a good reason.

Never put fireworks near a person

Remember to never put fireworks near a person and/or pet animals. Don’t mess around with fireworks. Fireworks can cause injury just from pointing fireworks at someone. Fireworks can also cause injury just from throwing fireworks at someone. Never throw fireworks and never point fireworks at any human and pet animal.

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