Fireworks Safety

As America gets ready to celebrate yet another glorious birthday, we the people get ready as well. But you’re not truly ready to “party hardy” until you know the safety rules regarding fireworks. Here are some do’s and don’ts so you can have a Happy 4th of July.


1. Read and follow label directions.
If the label says do not cover device with any type of cloth or paper, heed the warning.

2. Have an adult present.
Most times, it’s not the young ones that you have to worry about. Teenagers can often get overzealous.

3. Buy from reliable sellers.
Getting your fireworks from a guy in an alley who is selling them out of his trunk is not a smart choice. Make sure the merchant is reputable.

4. Use outdoors only.
Setting off a firecracker in the kitchen will not only scare your Aunt Edna, it can start a major fire.

5. Have water handy.
A garden hose and bucket filled with water could be a lifesaver� literally, if things get out of hand.

6. Light only one firework at one time.
Any more than that and the situation could get out of hand� fast.

7. Dispose properly by soaking in water first and then placing them in your trashcan.
Make sure they are completely extinguished and don’t litter the streets when the fun is over.

8. Wear eye protection.
The shooter should be well prepared to avoid serious injury.


1. Experiment or make your own fireworks.
Altering store-bought fireworks could backfire [literally.]

2. Re-light a “dud”
Wait 15-20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.

3. Give fireworks to small children.
Treat fireworks like you would a firearm. Kids + fireworks/firearms DON’T mix.

4. Throw or point fireworks at another person.
Even if you think you have enough time before it deploys, do you really want to be wrong?

5. Shoot fireworks in glass or metal containers.
The glass could explode and injure you or others in close proximity.

6. Carry fireworks in your pocket.
It’s a good way to lose a limb.

7. Have any body part over the firework.
(See “Don’t” # 6)

Fireworks are synonymous with any fantastic 4th of July celebration. Watching the colors light up the night sky with your kids is one of the best times you could imagine. However, each year in the U.S. 13,000 people are treated in emergency rooms because of severe injuries from malfunction or careless use of fireworks. If heading to the emergency room is not on your “to do” list for this year’s party, pay close attention to how you handle fireworks. The old adage, “It’s all fun and games ’til someone loses an eye” never rings more true than when dealing with fireworks. If you’re not careful, you could be lying on a gurney in a hospital instead of on the soft grass in the park during this patriotic holiday.

Stay safe and have a Happy 4th of July!

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