Fitting Hairstyles to Your Face Shape: The Best Hairstyles for You

During the hot months of summer or those frigid winter months we all want to cater our hairstyles to fit how we feel. In the summer we scream for short hair, while in the winter we all want to cover our necks with a longer mane. The problem with letting the weather choose our hairstyles for us is that we don’t always choose what’s best for us. Meaning, we don’t always look our best year around. But do we really have to sacrifice a knock-out look just because the weather changes? Of course not! What we need to keep in mind beauty musts in order to sculpt our hair for a maximum effect while still keeping in mind our weather whims. For hair, these beauty musts are centered around our faces; meaning our face shape, and skin tone.

Our face shapes decide what shape our hairstyles should take. If you’ve got an elongated face shape the last thing you want is an ultra long and ultra straight mane. A cut like that will only make your features look dull and washed up. So during the winter you should try a mid-length cut that’s floaty and feathery to maximum your face shape and natural beauty. In addition, if you’re one of the many women into coloring your hair, find a color to match your skin tone. If you’ve got a killer tan and darker eyes, you’re what is called a “warm” skin toned person. Those with warm skin tones should try colors such as chocolates, golden browns, auburns or vivid red or sunny blonde highlights.*

The following is a guide to face shapes and hairstyles that complement them.

Face shapes:

1. Square:Styles: Nice thin or finely sculpted layers on top of a short to mid length cut. Focus your style around your face, try a side part with curving layers to fall around your face and take away from the squareness. The goal of your cut is to try and make your face seem longer, these face hugging layers should accomplish that task.

Avoid styles that are too short like those stopping above the chin, this will accentuate the squareness of your jawline.

2. Heart: Styles: Cuts should be chin length or longer. Wispy, forward fairy layers or fringes work best to reduce the broad forehead that classifies a heart shaped face. Curls and/or waves look great with this shape as they create a nice oval jaw line and look wonderfully glamorous.

Avoid too much height or slicking back the hair without any bangs. Such a style will only accentuate a broad forehead.

3. Round: Styles: A round face requires a longer cut. The best cut will be longer than the chin. A razor-cut or long graduated layers look best on a round face as they create the illusion of a longer face. Height and flat tresses around the sides and ears give this face shape a desirably stylish look.

Avoid: Avoid center parts that make the shortness of face apparent.

4. Oval: Styles: This is the easy face shape to work with. Most anything goes here and looks great! Try anything that’s sweeping, short and sassy, or long sleek, its your choice.

Avoid: Avoid hair that is too long or too wide. Too much of a good thing is never perfect.

5. Long:Styles: Short or mid length cuts that are soft and floaty or feathered. These wonderful layers create a widening effect. Side parts look take away from the length of the face and give it the needed width.

Avoid: Avoid center parts or board straight hair as these add length to the face instead of taking it away.

So, how do you decide what face shape you have? Well, there’s a really easy way that comes highly recommended by both Great Hair magazine and Ending Hairstyle Struggles, a webpage dedicated to helping women deal with unmanageable hair. This simple solution? Pull your hair back into a ponytail, or any style that pulls your hair away from your face revealing it completely. Look in the mirror and trace your face shape with a dry-erase marker or lipstick. From this, you should be able to determine what the shape of your face is.

You can also consult your hairdresser, they should be able to help you with determining your face and the perfect cut to fit it. Your hairdresser, or a cosmetologist should also be able to help you determine your skin tone. (Whether you are warm or cool). It is best to consult one of these two people in order to figure out what colors and highlights will accentuate your cut and skin the most. For a do-it-yourself solution to skin tone check out this website: .

By following the chart you can determine your approximate skin tone quickly and easily.

Our hair is an important part of our appearance. A bad hair day makes for a bad day, period. In order to maximize those feel good, look good days, we’ve got to maximize our good hair days. The right cut and color can make that happen with little effort. So give it try. Try a new summer cut to beat the heat, or long fringe to save that winter body heat. But whatever you do, be sure your cut fits your face. You’ll thank yourself for it, and you’ll look great year-round!

�Great Hair (July, 2006) Issue 32.

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