Five Disadvantages of Expanding Foam Insulation

There are many types of insulation that you can use in your home. Some of the most common types are fiberglass, cellulose, and rigid foam board. One of the newer types is expanding foam insulation. This form of insulation has numerous disadvantages. Some of them include cost, chemicals, and effectiveness over time. This article will discuss the disadvantages of expanding foam insulation.


One of the first disadvantages of expanding foam insulation is that is it flammable. It is also deadly when it catches fire and will emit toxic fumes while it burns. If you have expanding foam insulation in your home, you will need expensive fire-protective coating to deal with this hazard.


Another disadvantage of expanding foam insulation is the cost. It is more expensive than most other forms of insulation. One of the reasons expanding foam insulation is so expensive is that you can’t install it yourself. Installation requires a team of professionals in order to do the job correctly. In addition to the higher cost of this insulation, it may also damage the walls in your home.


Damage is also a disadvantage of expanding foam insulation. As the name implies, this type of insulation expands. If expanding foam insulation over-expands, it can split wood or bend aluminum. It can over-expand and crack or bend the framework of your windows and doors.


Some forms of expanding foam insulation contain hazardous chemicals. These chemicals can used lung cancer and skin-related problems. Therefore, expanding foam insulation must be installed while taking proper precautions to avoid these hazardous chemicals. Besides these chemicals, some forms of expanding foam won’t be as effective over time as others.


One of the last disadvantages of expanding foam insulation is that it may lose it effectiveness over time. Some types don’t use air as blowing agents. These types of expanding foam insulation will eventually lose the gases that are trapped inside. When this happens, the effectiveness of the insulation will be reduced.

These are some of the disadvantages of expanding foam insulation. It is flammable and will release deadly, toxic fumes when it burns. It is also one of the most expensive forms of insulation. Expanding foam insulation can also damage the framework of your windows and doors if it happens to over-expand. Some forms of this insulation even contain hazardous chemicals that can cause you to suffer from lung cancer or skin-related problems.

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