Five Places You Might Find Black Widow Spiders in Your Home

The black widow spider has a reputation for being a dangerous and fairly common spider in the United States. While it is found in nearly every corner of America, the distinction of being dangerous is often quite inflated. While it is extremely venomous and will most certainly bite if it is disturbed, most people are not severely affected by the bite. With that said, people want to know where to find this dangerous arachnid. Unfortunately, the black widow spider can often be found in and around your home. People often live with them and never even realize it. Here are some common hiding spots:

The black widow spider might be under your furniture

This spider is not commonly found here primarily because it also wants to be near water. If your couch or chair is rarely moved, however, then a black widow certainly could take up residence. The black widow loves dark, quiet and private places to build their web. Furniture can sometimes provide the perfect spot.

The black widow spider could be under your sink

Under the kitchen sink or bathroom sink around the pipes is the ultimate spot for a black widow spider to set up house. It gives the spider all the things it needs to survive including water, food, privacy and shelter. Anywhere that dampness is prevalent will be a hot spot for black widow spiders.

The black widow spider could be in old boxes or clothes

If it has been left alone for a great deal of time and it is in a dark, secluded spot, then a black widow could be found there. Clothes and old boxes of storage are common spots to find the black widow. The other common dangerous spider in North America called the brown recluse is also famous for making house in old clothes and boxes.

The black widow spider could be in your trash

If you are not good about taking out your trash, you are greatly increasing the odds of running into a black widow spider one day. Trash is the number one spot to find dangerous black widows because this is where they will find plenty of food. Spiders eat insects and insects eat trash. It is simple math really.

The black widow spider might be found in the basement

A basement is a perfect ecosystem for the black widow spider. It provides all the things you would want if you were a spider. If you have a basement, then you need to take special care to ensure that you don’t reach into dark corners or undisturbed areas.

These are only a few areas that black widow spiders could be found in your home, but they all have something in common. All of these spots are private and tucked away with plenty of food nearby. If you eliminate the food sources and keep a very clean home, then odds are pretty good that you will not encounter one of these nasty little spiders.

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