Five Song Lyrics Web Sites: The Words to Your Favorite Songs Right at Your Fingertips

Forget the lyrics to your favorite song? Want to sing along to a catchy new tune, but have no idea what the artist is singing?

There are sites all over the web where you can find the song lyrics to popular, as well as more obscure, songs. But, when you go to a lot of song lyrics sites, you are bombarded with distracting ads that clash with the rest of the site, strain your eyes, and make visiting those sites a less-than-pleasant experience.

If all you want to do is find your favorite song lyrics, and without a lot of distracting ads getting in the way, here is a list of great song lyric sites. And some of the sites provide a few extras that might be of interest, too.

LyricsDomain. This is a nice song lyrics site where you can search for, add, and request song lyrics. You can also browse song lyrics by artist. The site is also very pleasing to the eye. The ads are unobtrusive, blending well with the rest of the site.

SongFacts. This song lyrics site is a lot of fun. You can browse song lyrics by artist or title, or you can use the search engine to find a specific song. But, along with the song lyrics, you get some facts about the songs, like where they were recorded, what inspired the writers to write them, etc. While the home page for this site is a little busy, the ads are mostly unobtrusive.

Lyrics Box. The few ads you’ll find at this song lyrics site are well integrated into the rest of the site. At Lyrics Box, you can browse song lyrics by artist, or you can search for a specific artist, song title, or album title.

Easy Song Writing for Aspiring Musicians. This is more than a song lyrics site. It’s a resource for those who aspire to write songs professionally. But there is also a directory of song lyrics, organized by artist. And the articles at the site just might inspire you to give songwriting a try. This site lets you browse song lyrics by artist. Song lyrics are further divided by album title. You can request song lyrics, add song lyrics, and listen to previews of new songs. There are also links to various top 20 music charts.

These sites are a great resource when you forget or can’t figure out the lyrics to your favorite songs. And the low-key ads on these sites makes them a pleasure to visit.

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