Five Storage Solutions for Children’s Bedrooms

KidsÃ?´ rooms tend to get awfully messy, awfully fast. It doesn’t help that we tend to give them giant toy boxes that need to be completely emptied in order to find that elusive favorite toy! Children are short on patience and if things aren’t quick and easy to grab, they tend to just dump it all on the floor to sort through faster. Which makes for quite a mess! Here are five ways to help stop the mess by providing easy to use storage solutions.

Our first solution is an easy one, a hanging shoe storage bag. You know the ones, they are made of plastic (easy to clean!) and hang over the back of a bedroom door, offering a dozen or more handy pockets. These have recently been recognized as useful for kids�´ rooms, so they are even available in fun designs now, like Barbie and Disney. The pockets are ideal for storing anything the size of a shoe or smaller and you can keep things you want handy but out of reach in the top pockets (like scissors and things).

Snap top clear plastic bins are a lifesaver for both kids and moms. They come in all sizes and stack nicely on shelves or in closets, with the clear sides allowing for easy viewing of the contents. That means no more prying a half dozen containers open to find the Legos, just take the right box the first time. You can even get them with colored lids, so you could color code everything. This is very handy for siblings who lay claim to their toys. Red could be for one child, blue for another and yellow for shared toys.

Those veggie bins that are sold in grocery stores are extremely useful for kids, too. They stack easily and securely and you can adjust the height of the stack to the age of your kids. The slanted front allows easy access to toys stored inside, but also keeps them from just falling out onto the floor as they would with a standard shelf. These bins are perfect for storing things like toy dishes or plastic food and jumbles of McDonald’s toys.

Books can be difficult to contain on shelves. They have a tendency to fall over and slide off the shelf when one or two are pulled out and it can be frustrating for small kids to try and keep their books orderly. That’s where the handy magazine bin comes in handy. Those folding wooden ones, with the canvas pouch, are perfect for holding children’s books, especially the thin, floppy ones that never sit right on a bookshelf. There’s no limit as to how many of these canvas magazine bins you can have, just shove the books in with the spine up so you can see at a glance which one is which.

Last, but not least, we have under the bed storage bins. These are wonderful, plastic containers with lids and usually wheels that are designed to slide right into that often misused space under your children’s beds. What you store in them is up to you, but it should be items that aren’t used very often. Seasonal bedding or clothes are ideal for under the bed storage and as a bonus, the bins block up this space so kids can’t shove toys and things under there!

These five storage solutions for children’s rooms are not new or astounding, but they work. If you can use even one or two of them, you’ll find it far easier to keep your children organized.

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