Five Things You Should Know About Ceramic Floor Tile Installation

Using ceramic tiles has many advantages over other types of flooring materials. But, it’s not as easy as it looks. Ceramic floor tile installation is not similar to rolling out a linoleum carpet, and is definitely more complication than laying down vinyl tiles. Before you take another step, you’ll need to know the five essentials of ceramic floor tile installation, so you won’t end up wasting time and expense, only to have a floor that looks like a patched-up Frankenstein.

1) Measure the length and width of the floor you’ll be tiling, to estimate how the number of ceramic floor tiles, and the amount of cement and grout you will need

2) If the tile is right. Selecting materials for your ceramic floor tile installation should be considered by three general factors: Price, desired look and tile size. After you’ve made the estimates for the floor space that needs to be tiled, window-shop for your ceramic tiles. Ceramic floor tiles come in a variety of prices, shapes, textures and styles. Pick a tile that’s within your price range. Then, ask to see in what a palette of colors that tile comes in, so you can select one that fits the look you want to make. The most common ceramic tile size one foot. But ceramic tiles may come in a wide array of sizes; from one inch, to two feet.

3) Durability is paramount in choosing tiles for your ceramic floor tile installation. The kind of ceramic floor tiles you are looking for should have three main qualities: The ability to withstand water absorption, impressive resistance to abrasion and constant use, as well as high aesthetic qualities. Most hardware stores are open to requests for information like details tile strength and ability to withstand regular use and scratching, and resistance to physical stress and liquids. Gaining information will help you a lot in your ceramic floor tile installation, and maintenance.

4) Tile turn-on. What is the look you want to project with your ceramic tiles? Going for that rugged and rustic feel? Or are you more at home with that natural earthy adobe color? Choose a ceramic tile that fits the room’s total appearance. It would not work, if you have got a shiny orange tile floor to go with your French windows.

5) Get the right tools for the job. Be it for a full ceramic floor tile installation, or simply to repair a broken tile, having the right tools for the job is a must. You can easily buy most of the tools and materials you’ll need for your tiling job at you neighborhood hardware store, or home center. For equipment that would be too expensive, like an electric tile cutter, you may be able to rent them from the store or a tool rental yard. If it’s your first time to work on your floor tiling, getting help from a professional would be a plus. Below are most of the basic tools you will need for your ceramic floor tile installation:

a) A pair of safety glasses, heavy leather gloves, and long-sleeved work clothes (broken shards, and other debris can cause nasty cuts, if you are not careful)

b) A tape measure, tile spacers and a bubble level

c) A few buckets, and some rags and sponges

d) A rubber mallet and a hammer

e) A trowel (preferably, notched) and a putty knife

f) A tile cutter (which may be rented)

g) A pair of tile nippers and a pair of pliers

h) A setting material like tile adhesive or thinset mortar (make sure to match your setting material with your choice of grout)

i) Tiling grout (either cement-based or epoxy) and a grout float (for applying the grout to your tiles)

Ceramic flooring tiles have two main advantages: Durability and low maintenance. Ceramic tiles are more durable than other flooring materials available. They hold a fabulous shine, giving you clean and good-looking floor. Constant care and maintenance will keep your tiles shine last for a long time. A well-made and well-cared for ceramic tile floor with last you a lifetime. Not to mention considerable praise you will get from your friends and family. So, before you start your ceramic floor tile installation, make sure you have gained working knowledge concerning ceramic tiling.

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