Five Tips for Cleaning Marble Countertops

Countertops that are made from marble are very susceptible to stains. There are a few things you should know about cleaning marble countertops. You can easily ruin the surface of your counter if you use the wrong substances to clean it. This article will give you a few tips for cleaning marble countertops.


One of the best methods of cleaning marble countertops is to use warm water. However, you should always check to see how hard the water is. If you use hard water for cleaning marble countertops, it may leave mineral deposits that will be difficult to get off. You may need to use a water softener.


Many people make the mistake of using vinegar for cleaning marble countertops. Vinegar or any other acidic substances should never be used on marble. It can react with the calcium carbonate and cause surface etching. If you spill acidic foods on the marble counter such as fruit juice or wine, you should wipe it up immediately because they can also cause surface etching.


There are many commercial cleaners that can be used for cleaning marble countertops. One of the best cleaners to use is borax. You can simply rub it onto a moistened cloth to clean the marble. You should always avoid using cleaners that are too abrasive or caustic. Instead of cleaning marble countertops, these cleaners will simply mar the surface.


Your countertop may appear dull over time, so you will be tempted to polish it. You should never use oil polish for this purpose. Oil polish will only discolor the marble. Also, you should avoid using soft waxes because they too will cause the marble to become discolored.


Marble has a porous surface. Therefore, you will need to seal it periodically to prevent substances from entering the pores and staining the surface. You can reduce the porosity of marble by sealing it with a special stone sealer.

These are a few tips for cleaning marble countertops. You should make sure the water you use isn’t too hard, or it will leave behind mineral deposits that will be difficult to remove. You should also never use vinegar for cleaning marble countertops because it will cause surface etching. Marble is very porous, so you can prevent a lot of stains by making sure the surface is sealed periodically. If you want to use a commercial cleaner, one of the best ones to use is borax.

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