Five Tips for Using Clay Chimney Pots

Clay chimney pots improve the look of your chimney and their ability to draft air. If you want to use one of these pots, there are a few things you should know. This article will give you a few tips for using clay chimney pots.


You will have to consider the number of clay chimney pots you need to use. Most people use just one pot for each flue. However, since there may be multiple flues, you can use multiple clay chimney pots for your chimney. You should avoid putting two pots over one flue as this will affect the efficiency of your chimney.


You will also need to consider the height of the clay chimney pots. Different pots will have different heights. Taller pots will increase the ability of the chimney to draft air outside. However, you shouldn’t use tall clay chimney pots if you already have a high chimney.


Before you buy clay chimney pots, you have to make sure they will fit. You have to measure the flue that they will be used on. Also, you will have to measure the width of your chimney. Clay chimney pots will be have sit atop the flue while being small enough to fit on the inside of the chimney.


Animals may venture down the top of your clay chimney pots if you leave them open. These animals can cause obstructions in your chimney. You can keep them out by attaching a piece of wire mesh to the top of your clay chimney pots. Smaller wire mesh may also help prevent sparks from leaving the chimney and igniting your roof. It’s usually easier to attach the mesh before installing the pots.


Clay chimney pots do not require a lot of maintenance or cleaning. However, they should be checked out each year for signs of damage. The mortar that holds the pots to the chimney should be inspected closely. If it is cracks or worn, you will need to reset the clay chimney pots.

These are a few tips for using clay chimney pots. You can use multiple pots if your chimney has multiple flues. You can also use taller pots to increase the draft of the chimney even more just as long as your chimney isn’t too high already. You should also try to cover the top of clay chimney pots with wire mesh. This will keep animals from crawling down the chimney.

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