Fix a Dryer that Rubs

A noisy dryer makes drying even a small load of clothing a long, annoying task. If you hear a rubbing sound when you use your appliance, you need to address the problem to prevent damage to your clothing or your machine. After you have ruled out rubbing due to close proximity to a wall or washer, you need to peek inside the machine to see what the problem is. In many cases, you can fix this problem by replacing the drum bearings; you will need a few tools and replacement parts.

Unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet. Slide a hand truck under the edge of the dryer to lift and move it from the wall if the plug is behind the machine. If you have a gas dryer, turn the gas valve to the off position. Unhook the gas line from the dryer. Move the dryer around so that the back is facing you.

Open the dryer door to access the two screws that hold it into place. You will find these screws at the top of the door. Lift the lid off the dryer.

Unscrew the other two to four screws inside the door. Take off the front of the dryer by lifting it up and out. Look for a rubber pulley attached to the circular tub. You must loosen the pulley and remove the tub. Slide the pulley to the right to loosen the belt.

Lift the tub out from the dryer assembly. You will see four round bearings in the bottom of the dryer. Pick up the bearings and examine them. If they appear worn or broken, they need to be replaced.

Put in the new bearings and replace the tub. Attach the belt by sliding it over the pulley. You may have to adjust the tension by moving the belt around to get a smooth operation. Replace the front door, putting the screws back in place.

Ease the top of the dryer on top of the machine and secure with the remaining two screws. Plug the machine into the wall and reconnect the gas line. Test the dryer by running it before you slide it back against the wall with the hand truck.

More Tips for Preventing a Rubbing Dryer

Lubricating the belt or bearings will only temporarily solve a rubbing problem.

Consult your dryer manual before beginning repair work. Some dryer manufacturers place the screws in different places.

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