Flood Damage Management: How to Clean Up After a Flood

Cleaning the house after flood damage should be done immediately so that the house will not have mold formations. After cleaning, you must keep your things dry in the sun, as direct sunlight can kill molds and other microorganisms. Also, you may prevent the mold formation by using electric fan that is directed outwards so that the ventilation of your room will keep the molds from breading inside your house.

Moreover, all the food preparation utensils should be cleaned and sterilized thoroughly. However, wooden and plastic utensils should be discarded. In washing them, you must use hot water to kill more germs and you can immerse it in bleach and warm water. After washing them, let it dry but make sure that it will not be in contact with other materials that are contaminated.

Make sure that all the food that you eat is safe to eat so it would be better to eat canned goods. For kids, they should also eat canned baby formula so that there will be lesser risk for the kids to eat foods that may be infected due to the flood damage. Always make sure that the water that you drink is safe to use or you should resort to bottled water. When cleaning the toys of the kids, you should also disinfect them with the use of water and bleach. Stuffed toys should be discarded since the flood water may contaminated it and cleaning the inside part of the stuff toy may be difficult to do. Children may want to play in the flood water but they should not do so. Keep their hands clean and stay out of the water. All goods must already be thrown out since they may be contaminated with the flood water. Also, after a flood you must make sure that the food that you buy is also not infected with flood water.

Your documents and photographs should also be carefully checked. When cleaning them, make sure that you handle them carefully since they may be crisp due to the water damage. Like other things in your house, they may be infected so you should still wear gloves. If there are more important documents that cannot e simply cleaned and dried, then it would be better to ask for an expert to do the job for you and pay them with their services.

Generally, cleaning after flood should be done cautiously. The roof and other parts of the house may already be frail thus, when you go inside it for cleaning up after flood damage, keep yourself protected. In your home, there may be mud that is carried into the house. You can use a shovel to remove them out of the house. After which, you can hose off the remaining mud. After the floor is cleaned of mud, it is time to scrub the wall, floor, and other surfaces that were exposed to flood water.

Cleaning the house after flood damage can be difficult if you do not know how to do it. There is additional risk since the things in your house poses a danger in your health. Also, you should keep in mind that there are many things that are affected by the flood and some of your belongings may not be saved from the flood damage. Thus, what you can do is to keep all your important things cleaned but never forget to protect yourself from any danger that may be an effect of the flood water.

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