For a Clean House, Dusters-Which to Choose? Pledge Duster Plus or Swiffer Dusters

I’m guess you could call me a dust freak, I just hate the stuff, with 3 cats in my household I also find cat fur in strange places around the house so it’s no wonder that I have tried quite a few dust cleaning products over the course of my housecleaning lifetime.

In the past few years manufactures have come out with some very innovative products for people like me and I’ve tried them all, well nearly all, I guess.

The two that I’ve used the most and will be comparing in this article are the Swiffer Dusters and the Pledge Duster Plus… Both have their merits but I like each one for different reasons. Both fit easily over the handles head that are made with two long prongs for that reason.

you just pull the duster down over the prongs until they are completely covered …easy as one two three….one thing though, Swiffer Dusters and Pledge Dusters are not interchangeable with the others handles.

Swiffer was the first to come out with the idea of putting fluffy soft micro fibers in a pad like form that fits over a plastic handle, then, they can be removed to put a new one on when the old one gets dirty…genius!

Both have to be shaken before use to get the fibers all fluffed out.

They seem to fit into almost any space you want to dust, corners, and under the tiny areas around and between your electronics….

I also have the Swiffer Duster with Extended Handle which for me is a lifesaver…I am very short therefore dusting can present a problem when cleaning shelves or picture frames hanging high on a wall…Not anymore, this Swiffer does the job for me, extending 3 feet, it will dust even the highest shelves in my wall units and best of all, it bends into four different positions so that it can reach into every hard to reach areas like crown moldings, the top of the refrigerator and ceiling fans. I have fans in nearly every room of my house so I find this Extended Handle Swiffer a true lifesaver. Then if you want to use it unextended just press the little button on the handle and it’s ready to dust those items at eye level.

I also collect a lot of knickknacks and they are true dust collectors as are electronics…Have you ever looked at your TV screen and thought everything was a bit hazy?…Dust can do that you know and it seems to me that all electronics are dust magnets.

This is where my Pledge Duster Plus comes in..I love the fact that the manufacturers have come up with a duster that has a built in Multi-Surface spray….This cute little bottle fits snugly into space made for it on the handle…you can bend the handle so that when you spray the product on the item to be cleaned or the duster itself..the bottle is in just the right position to spray any surface. It really is very convenient, especially for TV sets, computer screens and keyboards, though I wouldn’t spray the keyboard directly. I just fold the handle and spray the dust grabbing fibers then use it on the keyboard.

This is also the perfect tool too pick up fur as well as dander from animals and are said to pick up allergens left behind by dust mites…I’d really like to not have to think about that!

I’ve used both dusters on wood, glass, stainless steel and other metals…both work fine but I like the Pledge Duster Plus better for glass surfaces because of the spray…it seems to work like a glass cleaner and I use it on my mirrors as well as counter tops in my bathroom…I also use it on the flat surfaces on the interier of my car around the steering wheel, dashboard and radio.

I usually get about 2 or 3 dustings out of the Swiffer since you can shake them out to get rid of the dry dust…The Pledge Dusters, don’t seem to be as reusable since the dampness of the spray doesn’t lend itself to releasing the dust as well as when it’s dry.

So what would I choose if I only had one to use? That’s a tough question since both are ideal for certain cleaning chores….I guess Swiffer Dusters would be the winner over the Pledge Duster Plus due to the fact that it is the one that it is the most versatile, at least the long handled one because I can use it for everything in the house…but thankfully I don’t have to make that choice and can keep both in my arsenal of cleaning supplies.

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