Forever Green Bags: Product Review

I have seen them advertised on the television. However, we recently got them for $5 at Dollar General. They come in two sizes, basic which is the tie up type and deluxe which is the zip lock. They come in three different sizes 15 1/4 by 5 3/4, 17 by 7 1/2, and 21 1/2 by 9 1/2. Green is not the only color they come in. However, they are the most bought. Green is for fruits and vegetables, red is for meats, yellow is for breads and grains, and blue is for cheese. All help to keep the products fresh over a longer period of time.

The story behind the green bags goes like this. Scientists in Antarctica were trying to find ways to keep produce fresh over a longer period of time. During their research they discovered that a region in Japan were for thousands of years farmers were storing produce in caves. The caves were dark and cool but, they also had something else. The clay inside the cave contained “oya”. The oya absorbed ethylene gas that produce gives off as it ages. It is this gas that increases the aging of the produce. When this gas is absorbed the process slows. Green bags combine this past knowledge with modern day technology.

Using the bag is simple. The produce should be dry when placed in the bag. Always wash and dry your produce first. Then place it inside the bag and tightly secure it. Always keep the same produce together. Do not mix them. Oya is the mineral form for Zeolite. The mineral is 100% natural and non toxic. The bags are reusable. Just clean them out and let them dry. Some bags can be used to up to ten times before replacing. Do not microwave the bags. Also try not to put cut up produce in a bag as they will absorb the juice quicker. the scent will be absorbed as well.

Green bags also help reduce the loss of vitamins that is stored in the produce. Although, green bags come in two types, the best one is the zip lock. They have a tendency to last longer. Once a bag has a hole or been torn is best to throw it away.

Some individuals have been able to keep lettuce for salads up to 20 days. It is just as crisp as when they bought it on the first day. The key is to keep it tightly sealed. Some people even claim that they work better with organic produce.

Green bags will reduce mold and mildew, bacteria, and fungus. Fresh food also means better health.

Using green bags will save you money in the long run, First you won’t lose money on wasted food. Second, you can use them over and over again which means less buying of storage bags.

Over 100 million green bags have already been sold. Most of them have been advertised over the television. However, lately I have seen them in other stores. The television ad sells them at $9.95. But, they always say that they will throw in an extra set for the same price. So the $5 I spent for one one box is comparable to the television ad.

Green bags are not recommended for lunch bags. They are for prolonged use not just for one day like you would use a baggy for. I am curious though if the yellow bag for bread would keep bread from getting that dried out texture. I may have to give them a try and see how they work.

Green bags even have their own web site. You can find it at

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