Forever the End: A Poem of One Woman’s Acceptance of the End of a Relationship

Forever and a day
Is what we promised each other.
But now I sit,
And watch you with another.
Have you any idea
The pain I feel?
Have you the slightest idea
Of this pain strong enough to kill?
The light faded from my life
When you said “Goodbye”.
My heart was crushed!
I just wanted to die.
But I can see
That you are happy with her.
And the more I see it,
The more it hurts.
I am trying to not
Lock it up inside.
I am trying to face it,
And not run and hide.
But I still love you
With all of my heart.
The very same heart
That you, my love, tore apart.
I don’t know
If these wounds will ever mend.
I think that they will stay fresh�
Fresh ’till the end.
I have you no longer,
And this kills me.
Especially with
The things I am forced to see.
I don’t know if we will ever be again,
Because this pain is too great.
So, goodbye, my love.
The love you have given me I do appreciate.
I just can’t
Take it again.
So, I am afraid that for us�
This may be forever the end.

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