Fort or Treehouse?

Playing outside. That is the most popular activity for children. However, some children might find the backyard experience boring. If one of these bored children is your child, you probably have been looking for an activity to do in the back yard that your child could be interested in. In your exploration for the perfect, not so boring activity, you came across building a fort or tree house. Building a fort or tree house can be a great source of fun for your child. With such structures your child might find it hard to break away from his new fort or tree house.

One thing that can be even more fun and exciting than playing in your tree house or fort is the thought of design and construction for your new project. Building a tree house or fort will be a project that you and you child will remember doing for a lifetime. Doing the project together will also add to this great experience.

A tree is needed in the tree house project, of course. But if one is not available in your backyard, then just simply build it on the ground. Either way it will still be a fun experience for both of you.

When thinking of the design of your tree house or fort, consider your options. There are virtually limitless ways to design the structure and paint schemes. Even though you are free to build the structure any way you choose, a quick research on some of the more popular tree house and fort designs can give you some pretty interesting ideas.

In today’s world the best tool for research is the internet. If you do not have a computer or the internet at your house, then visit your local library. Using the internet for your tree house research is quick and easy. Just type “tree house designs” in the search bar, and a list of websites with a bounty of information will come be shown for you. Just click on the link that catches your eye and discover the information that website holds. Once you have found what you are looking for, and then print it out, so that you will have blue prints for the project.

A bookstore or the local libraries are also great choices for research on tree house designs. There a lot of books that hold tremendous information on building the tree house or fort for the backyard project.

Okay, so now that we have found our structural design. We need to look at building materials. Building materials, of course, the most important part of building the tree house or fort. These materials can be anything from wood, metal, screws or nails, paint, and so forth. Most of the materials can be purchased from a local hardware store or online store.

Now, we have design, materials, and the next objective for the project is location. You should probably discuss this with the child since it will be there fort or tree house, but keep their safety and well being in mind as well. It will need to be somewhere where they can have their own space, but where you can hear them in case they need you or an emergency.

Don’t forget to let the child be a part of this whole project. Let them help make choices in design and what materials should be used as well as in the construction if the fort or tree house. If the child is too young to help with construction, then let them help b handing you tools needed for the job.

Building a fort or tree house will bring enjoyment for your child for years to come, and create a very special bond and memory that you and your child can share for the rest of your lives. Build it together and you decide which is the ultimate backyard experience

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