Fortitude Gluten-Free Cookies: A Savory Choice

Fortitude Gluten-Free Cookies are the ideal choice for those with celiac disease or gluten-intolerance that enjoy baked goods that aren’t overly sweet. Currently, Fortitude Gluten-Free Cookies are available in three flavors (Fortitude’s website promises more to come): Lemon & Vanilla; Orange & Cinnamon and Ginger & Spice. While all three flavors are somewhat on the savory side, they are mild. If you’re looking for hot and spicy gluten-free ginger snaps, look elsewhere.

Fortitude Gluten-free Cookies are also casein- and dairy-free. Casein and lactose intolerances are common in those with celiac disease, and many people without gluten issues may have problems with these foods as well. This makes the cookies suitable to a wider range of those on restricted diets.

Texture, of course, is often the most significant measure of the quality of a gluten-free food. Gluten-free baking is tricky and arriving at the appropriate texture can be hard. Fortitude’s Gluten Free Cookies are light, soft and puffy. Their outsides are slightly crisp, so biting into them is extremely satisfying. And while not overwhelmingly attractive, they look the way you’d expect a spice cookie to look. Between taste, texture and appearance I would say you could easily serve these to a non-gluten sensitive guest and they wouldn’t be the wiser. Any celiac though will immediately recognize the texture and density of Fortitude cookies as a hallmark of a quality gluten-free baked good. I also like Fortitude’s Gluten Free cookies, because they are not made with brown rice flour (which it seems most gluten-free goods are), which I find can be difficult on the stomach especially for those recovering from recent gluten-exposure.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Fortitude’s Gluten-Free Cookies, however, is their relatively low fat content. Most gluten-free baked goods contain lots of butter and oils to make up for the loss of the binding qualities of wheat. Two of the Fortitude cookies, though, (and they are a good size – about three bites each) contain a total of only two grams of fat. Healthy? No. But healthier than many gluten-free options by far. Fortitude Gluten-Free Cookies also contain no trans fats, and, in my experience, endure well after the package is opened (some gluten-free foods can spoil very quickly, because of a lack of additives which are often wheat based). Each package contains 12 gluten-free cookies and costs between $3.50 and $4,00 depending on where you purchase them from. For those without gluten-free shopping resources in their area, it is also possible to order the cookies (as well as Fortitude’s other gluten-free products including crackers and banana chips) from their website. Unlike many gluten-free web retailers they do not require a bulk order.

While Fortitude Gluten-Free Cookies are not typical enough in their flavorings to be a major replacement for wheat-based goodies (these are certainly cookies for grownups and not kids), if you have a lot of tea and biscuits as well as savory flavoring, they are a perfect choice for you.

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