Foul Ball Led Woman to Recovery

According to writer Jan Jarvis, Jenny Sorrell saw the foul ball coming but there was no time to jump out of the way.

“It was going something like 150 miles per hour and believe me it felt like it,” said Sorrell in a recent interview, recalling her outing to Amerique Field last Mother’s Day when she took her mom, Joan Sorrell, to a game. “It hit so hard I heard a popping noise.”

The line drive, hit by then-Rangers infielder Alfonso Soriano, left an imprint and a bruise on Jenny’s stomach, according to a recent article.

Joan Sorrell said she tried to keep it together for her daughter’s sake, the article stated.

“I wondered how in the world could the ball hit her that hard and she could still hold up that well,” she said.

“By the next day Jenny Sorrell’s abdomen was so swollen that she looked nine months pregnant,” said Jarvis.

“The doctor said the good news was I didn’t bust my spleen or damage my kidneys,” said Jenny, 45.

But through going to the doctor for her injury she discovered she had Stage 3C ovarian cancer.

Jarvis wrote that Jenny asked the doctor to repeat what he said.

“The radiologist said, ‘We know cancer when we see it,'” Jenny told Jarvis. “The first year is like a crap shoot.”

“The first doctor Jenny saw after her diagnosis did not offer much hope,” writes Jarvis. “He removed 15 tumors from her abdomen, including one the size of a football.”

Jenny reported that the surgery was a success.

After she recovered from the surgery Jenny started eight sessions of chemotherapy that left her tied and nauseated, according to her doctor.

According to research, the American Cancer Society estimates that about 20,180 cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed this year in the U.S.

Jenny said she quit her high-stress job for a mortgage company and since has focused on raising awareness of ovarian cancer, which is the eighth-most common cancer in women according to stats.

Looking back, Jenny recalls some symptoms but they were subtle and she ignored them, she said.

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