Four Choices for Choosing a Family Friendly Automobile

Automobiles are a must have to most Americans. They are essential, especially after one has a family. But what does one look for in a family friendly automobile? Price? Gas Mileage? Function? But first what is a family friendly automobile? I consider an automobile that has many practical features that also has flexibility and will work as my family grows as a family friendly automobile. When buying an automobile, one hopes to have it for at least three years or more. In three years a family may definitely grow. One needs to make sure that the automobile they choose now will still be functional in three years. Below are four automobiles on the market now that is considered family friendly.

1. The Chrysler Pacifica

This automobile looks like a mini-van yet it also looks like a station wagon. It is considered a cross over of both vehicles. It has lots of seating. And a nice function for the long legged father and shorter mother, is the adjustable foot pedals. There is hooks on the back of the seats that are great for purses and kids back packs. The storage area is quite large. Plus, a great feature is a beeper that goes off when you are backing up.

The average fuel economy is 18/23 MPG.

This averages at $25,000 base cost.

2. Chevy HHR

This car is a bit more stylish. The company’s motto is: Cool can be useful and useful can be cool.

It’s height is low-entry which is great for both children and older adults. It comes equip with a stylish running board. It has seats that fold down. It is practical in nature. Yet, it is very stylish with a retro look to it.

Since it is made by Chevy, it is of course equipped with OnStarr.

The gas Mileage per gallon runs from 22 to 30.

This averages at a little under $17,000 base price.

3. Hyudai Tucson

Not only is this a family friendly automobile, this is a vehicle built for safety. Since 2003 Hyudai has added side impact air bags to all its vehicles. This comes as a standard option, not an additional one. You don’t have to pay extra for it, either.

It also has many cup holders both in the back and front. Being family friendly, the cup holders are adjustable for both round bottles and square juice boxes.

Under the floor in the cargo area is an extra storage area.

There are hooks on the back of the seats for purses and backpacks. The seats also incline.

The fuel economy for this vehicle is 22/27 MPG.

It’s base price is $17,000

4. Volvo C70

This is a more sporty looking convertible top.

It won’t hold the whole soccer team, but it will chauffeur two in the backseat as well as mom and dad in the front seats.

Although it is sporty enough to turn heads, it is practical. It has many locking compartments that will keep your valuables safe even with the top in the down position.

Safety is also a key with this automobile. The first pregnant crash test dummy checked out this automobile for safety purposes. The automobile passes all its tests.

The starting base price for this automobile is $39,000.

The average fuel economy is not known.

As you can see, you have many choices when choosing family friendly automobiles. You don’t have to go with the boring models, you don’t have to go with the mini-van. You can pick and choose the features you want and what your family needs.

Do your research. Check around and see what deals your local dealers can give you. Discuss your options with your family. Then when you pick out that new automobile that is friendly to your family, you will drive off smiling.

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