Four Disadvantages of Brick Driveway Pavers

Many people choose to use pavers instead of having their driveway completely paved over. These driveway pavers can be made of many different materials such as concrete or brick. Brick pavers have a few disadvantages when compared to some of the other types. This article will discuss some of the disadvantages of brick driveway pavers.


One of the first disadvantages of brick driveway pavers is moss. These pavers will collect moss easily. This accumulation of moss will make the pavers very slippery and hazardous. Therefore, you will have to perform a lot of maintenance on these driveway pavers to keep the accumulation of moss to a minimum.


Another disadvantage of using brick driveway pavers is their size. When the bricks are manufactured, they will each vary in size. Therefore, not all of the bricks will be the same size when you’re installing these driveway pavers. You will have to test different bricks in order to find one that will be a perfect fit during installation.


One of the next disadvantages of brick driveway pavers deals with curves. Bricks are very hard, so they will be difficult to cut. Therefore, it’s best not to use these pavers on driveways that have more than a few curves. You will have to cut the bricks to match the curves, and you will need special cutting tools with masonry blades. Also, you will waste a lot of brick if you have a lot of curves because you will have to cut a lot brick off.


One of the final disadvantages of driveway pavers that are made from brick is their cost. Brick pavers are more expensive than those that are made from other materials such as concrete. Concrete pavers typically cost $9 for every square foot. It may cost you an extra $5 or so per foot if the concrete pavers are also set with mortar. Driveway pavers made from brick can cost as much as $26 for every square foot. That’s nearly twice as much as concrete pavers.

These are some of the disadvantages of brick driveway pavers. They are very susceptible to moss, so you will need to maintain them carefully to keep the collection of moss to a minimum. Also, driveway pavers made from brick are not ideal when the driveway is curvy because bricks are very hard to cut. You will also pay nearly twice as much for brick pavers than you would for pavers made from concrete.

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