Four Must-Have Tools for Installing Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a great way to add the perfect touch to any interior decorating home improvement project. Wood floor is an economical way to decorate, it’s a green product to use and it’s super easy to install yourself. It’s a favorite project among DIY aficionados but without these four must have tools, you can bet that your wood flooring project isn’t going to go over too well. Use these four tools on your next flooring job and you’ll be sure to get the project done right.

Rubber Mallet

Most wood flooring materials join together using a tongue and groove system. This helps to join the single boards together and prohibits them from grinding against one another when someone walks on them. But without a good smack when nailing, the gap between the boards will remain and creaks will happen. That’s where a good quality rubber mallet comes into play. Only use an approved wood flooring mallet or you may find that you’re wood floor is going to get marred up from a rubber mallet that leaves marks and stains.

Pneumatic Floor Nailer

Nailing a floor by hand is just plain insanity. You’d never be able to get it to join correctly and your back would be sore in the first five minutes of the job. That’s what flooring nailers were invented for. These tools allow you to nail 45 degrees into the face of the tongue without damaging the wood. It sets the nail and drives the flooring board tightly against the first. A pneumatic nailer allows you to do the same stuff, just at a faster pace than a conventional manual flooring nailer. All you need is your trusty rubber mallet to work the boards together tightly and evenly.

Undercut Saw

When you’re installing wood flooring in an existing room, trim around doors and other opening can easily get in the way of a nice looking flooring project. That’s why using an undercut saw to cut back trim pieces makes a wood flooring project run smoothly. Instead of being in the way and making you cut the wood floor at an odd angle, use the undercut saw to cut the trim and slide the wood flooring easily underneath.

Miter Saw

A must have tool for any wood flooring project. You’ll need this tool to cut the wood flooring to precision. Miter saws allow you to cut angles perfectly as well as square cuts. Stack multiple flooring pieces into the saw face at the same time to make quick work of your next wood flooring project.

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