Four Must-Have Tools for Installing a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is not only a great way to keep your home cool in the summer, it can also help to light your home and give it an aesthetically pleasing touch. But when ceiling fans become dated, worn out or falling apart, they can be a nuisance that quickly needs to be replaced. That’s why so many homeowners choose this easy to do DIY home improvement project and save themselves the time and costs of hiring an electrician to do the work. But without these four must-have tools for installing a ceiling fan, your next home improvement project might be a home improvement bust. Get these four tools and get the job done right.

Interchangeable Head Screwdriver

No electrical wiring project uses just one type of screw. From hex heads to Phillips heads to standard heads, screws inside of a fan can vary in size and shape so much that you would need a handful of conventional screwdrivers to get the same job done that an interchangeable screwdriver can do.

Buying Tip: Look for a screwdriver that has an interchangeable bit system that allows multiple bits to be stored in an enclosed handle. Otherwise you may find yourself missing bits before the project is over with.

Electricity Tester

Dangerous electricity can still be flowing through your fan even though it’s shut off. And turning off the breaker doesn’t guarantee that power is disconnected to the fan. You could easily get shocked without one of these nifty devices.

Buying Tip: Don’t worry about getting a super fancy electrical tester-those are for practicing electricians. Just get a cheap one and you’ll still be able to test electrical lines for all of your DIY electrical projects.

Needle Nose Pliers

Nothing beats a good pair of needle nose pliers for taking apart or putting together electrical wires. You’ll need a small set of pliers of various sizes to really make sure that all of your wire connections are good and tight. Needle nose pliers can even be used to remove outlet box knock outs, pull wires through an outlet box or grab tough to reach screws from hiding.

Buying Tip: Get a set that has a pair of wire cutters in the handle versus the mouth to get a solid cut every time.

Wire Strippers

Wire strippers do just as their name implies-strip wire. Removing the plastic wire cover from the copper can be necessary and can only be done cleanly and easily using a pair of quality wire strippers.

Buying Tip: Be sure to get a pair of wire strippers with plenty of handle length to ensure you get the best leverage possible when stripping thicker wires.

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