Four New Ways to Quit Your Job and Burn a Few Bridges

It wasn’t too long ago that quitting your job required several hours of agonizingly writing an eloquent and non-blaming resignation letter to hand in to your future ex-boss. Apparently, those days are over. Unsatisfied workers have a handful of ways to tell their bosses to take this job and shove it. It appears the importance of a graceful exit has faded into the sunset. Or at least, there is a growing trend of workers not afraid to burn a bridge or two. Here’s the latest and greatest four new ways workers are using to quit their jobs and burn a few bridges.

Quitting Via Email

Quitting via email is growing in popularity. Most people keep the tone of the traditional resignation letter utilizing key words such as regretfully and respectfully. It’s less of a career misstep then most of the new ways, but it can turn ugly fast. Case point, a former college roommate of mine sent the following message to her boss: “I will not be coming to the office today because I hate you and I quit.” Wow, I bet her boss was just itching for that first call for a reference to come in. Any wild guess on whether or not he said he would hire her again? Two weeks later, she was regretting her email notice to vacate her position.

Quitting Via Fax

If there is a community fax in the office and you want everyone to know that you quit, here’s your option. The career minded individuals will use the traditional tone of a resignation letter. The train wrecks will type up two page essays on why it sucks to be an employee of the corporation. This route offers the most destructive path. It gives workers an opportunity to insult every co-worker perceived to have made their workday unbearable from the day they started. Heck, the fax might land on the bulletin board in the office break room for an hour before human resources locates it and takes it down.

Quitting Via Voice Mail

Quitting via voice mail is the equivalent of quitting over the phone but without the stress of actually dealing with a conversation with future ex-bosses. It’s a quick way for passive aggressive people to simply state that they quit and list a quick reason of why. I admit, I’ve used this method. It’s quick and easy. Simple say, “I’m sorry for the short notice, but I quit.” Disgruntled workers should be able to take the short cut to freedom from their bosses with only a few scars to show. Word of advice: Soon to be ex-employees need to bite their tongues after stating I quit. There is no need to curse, swear or insult. Would be ex-employees that do exhibit turret style cursing will have no chance of getting a decent reference. Do the words insubordinate and not re-hirable ring a bell?

Quitting Via Self Adhesive Note

Quitting via self adhesive note is by far the most novel way of saying I quit. The office will be talking about this one no matter how it’s stated. Not too long ago, the new receptionist at my current workplace opted for this route. It was short, sweet, and apologetic. This is great option for workers that care not to offend or explain themselves and have no intentions of returning after lunch break. Caution, place the note in a very visible place or no one will find it. The receptionist was gone for almost two hours before her note was discovered. Most of the office was shell shocked and the note quickly became infamous. Most of us could not believe the method of delivery, let alone contemplate the gall of quitting midday. It’s a quick escape but don’t expect former bosses to rave about their decision to hire in retrospect.

The new ways workers are using to quit their jobs are not beaming examples of great career choices. Career minded individuals should always give due notice and commit to graceful exits. The last thing workers should do is actively burn bridges when quitting. But for the employees that want to burn a few bridges when they quit, technology has improved the wow factor of their final exits.

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