Four Recommend Professional Carpet Cleaners in Syracuse, New York

Many homeowners know that at a moments notice furniture or carpet flooring can become damaged for many reasons. Although many damage or stains may seem permanent, there are many carpet cleaning professionals who may be able to clean or repair your carpet. In the Syracuse, New York area, there are numerous professional carpet cleaners ready to repair your damage.

(1) ABC Chem Dry is conveniently located and services Syracuse and the surrounding areas. ABC Chem Dry has ten locations located around New York. They have been servicing the New York area for over 18 years.

ABC Chem Dry has a twenty-four hour emergency water damage service, which is great for unexpected problems. They specialize in all forms of carpet cleaning. ABC Chem Dry will perform carpet cleaning and repairs for all commercial or residential rugs and they will also clean stone and tile flooring. Free estimates are provided and each ABC Chem Dry cleaner is properly trained and well equipped to properly care for your carpet.

ABC Chem Dry can be contacted by calling (315) 414-0000 or 1-866-367-2221. They also have an online website that will offer information on their services. ABC Chem Dry’s website is located at

(2) Servpro cleaning is located at 333 Pulaski Street in Syracuse. Servpro is a well known national carpet cleaning company with a location in Syracuse.

Servpro will clean all varieties of carpets in different settings, homes or businesses. They specialize in water and fire damage; however, other stains can be removed or treated by these professionals.

Servpro provides potential customers will free estimates. To schedule a free estimate or to learn more about their services, please call (315) 488-3900. You may also visit the online website for Servpro at To obtain information on the Syracuse location, just enter in your zip code.

(3) Shehadi Incorporated is located at 1502 East Erie Boulevard in Syracuse.

Shehadi Incorporated sells, cleans, and repairs many specialty rugs. They specialize in area rugs made all over the world. In addition to having the rugs cleaned, binding and other repairs may be made here. Shehadi Incorporated has been in business over forty years and they have a professional cleaning plant where your rug will be properly cared for.

Shehadi Incorporated is open for business Monday through Friday from nine in the morning until five in the evening and Saturdays from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. Shehadi Incorporated can be contacted by calling their location at (315) 472-6397 or 1-800-724-0916. They also have an online website that can be viewed by visiting The website has photos that details and show how they clean rugs in their facility.

(4) Salt City Property Services is located at 753 James Street in Suite 104 in Syracuse.

Salt City Property Services offers all clients twenty-four hour emergency services. They specialize in cleaning carpets and other upholstery damaged from mold, fire, or water. All items will be professional cleaned and properly cared for by trained carpet cleaning professionals.

For more information on the services and fees at Salt City Property Services, please contact their office by calling (315) 478-0212 or 1-800-204-1407.

Many of the above mentioned carpet cleaners offer emergencies services; however, if they are unable to come to your aid right away, your carpet will be cleaned as soon as possible. There are additional carpet cleaners located in the Syracuse area; however, the above mentioned establishments come highly recommended by area residents.

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