Four Space-Saving Ways to Store Fishing Poles in a Garage

Fishing poles should be properly stored no matter where they are placed. If they are leaned against a wall, in time they will become tangled and/or damaged. Better options can be used, and they do not have to cost as much as your entire collection of gear. Use these four space-saving ways to store them in your garage, and save money while protecting your equipment. Clever homemade storage options are often better than costly containers or hooks that were made especially for holding and storing rods and reels.

Make a Simple Holder with PVC Pipes

You can make a sturdy holder using PVC pipes, caps and a piece of scrap lumber. Cut PVC of the appropriate diameter into six-inch lengths. Attach them to the wood approximately four inches apart using Household Goop. The adhesive is recommended by This to That when attaching plastic to wood. The site provides information on which adhesive(s) to use according to the materials that you wish to bond. Household Goop will eliminate the need to use hardware to attach the PVC pipes. After the glue dries completely, simply mount the homemade holder on a garage wall or stud.

Use a Pool Stick Rack to Hold Fishing Poles in a Garage

If you have an old pool stick rack or happen to find one at a garage sale, use it to store fishing poles in your garage. If it has more than one row, use the back sections to hold rods without reels. Since they are made for sticks, the holders are spaced fairly close together. Those with reels will likely only fit in the front. The rack will take up very little garage floor space, and it will keep your fishing poles separate and protected.

Repurpose Vinyl Covered Wire Shelves

Vinyl coated wire shelving is good for more than just horizontal storage. Create vertical storage for your fishing poles with the help of a pair of strong wire cutters and at least eight U nails per shelf. You will need three separate shelves all together. Cut out some of the wire rungs to accommodate the rods, and hang them vertically in rows about two feet apart from overhead studs. The rods will be out of the way and ready to use when needed.

Vertically Hang Three Lattice Panels from the Ceiling

Lattice panels can also be used to store fishing poles in space-saving ways. Cut three lattice panels equally, and mount them vertically in a row from garage ceiling studs. Use wood screws instead of nails. Place the rods through the openings in the lattice panels. Although it will likely take a ladder to get them down, they will remain safe and out of the way.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Advanced Crafting Experience

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