Free Digital Scrapbook Pages for Beginners and Experienced Scrappers

We take photos of our kids, grandkids, family gatherings, vacations, every day events and just life in general to preserve our memories. Every family has hundreds or thousands of photos. Generally, these photos are in photo albums, on CD or just stuck on the ole hard drive of the computer never to be seen again! There are better, more creative ways to enshrine these precious memories to be able to look back fondly at life events. That better way is by scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is the next generation of photo albums. It has been for quite a few years now. Looking at the creative layouts is intimidating to a newbie. Often, after seeing these, the newbie feels overwhelmed with papers, stamps, scissors, glue, arrangments…it’s all very intimidating.

If only our grandparents and great grandparents did scrapbooks, we would have the wonderful stories to go along with the old photos. Without the stories to go with the photos, the meaning behind them is forever lost. Don’t allow that to happen to your treasures. Scrapbooking is an important link to the past that future generations will be looking at. Give your future great great grandchildren a priceless presentation of your life.

For the newbie or those just thinking about scrapping but needing some guidance, there are great places on the internet to find free layouts to practice. All you need is some photo editing software to crop your photos and resize them. Use your photo editing software to add text to the photos, some special effects if desired and you are set. Once you are satisfied with your end result, simply print and add to a scrapbook or burn to CD to send to loved ones or both! The options with digitial scrapbooking are more vast than with traditional scrapbooking.

As a newbie to scrapping, googling can get overwhelming. Just a search for “free digital scrapbook pages” brings 14 million results! It’s enough to make one just throw hands in the air, give up and think about it another day! A newbie doesn’t need so many choices. A few to practice with is sufficient. With a few good sites and a little bit of time, a newbie can create some beautiful pages that they are proud to share with family and friends.

Here are 5 great places to get some fantastic layouts and pages. Folks who love to learn new things will appreciate the ease of use while learning about this approach to scrapbooking. Even the more experienced traditional scrapbooker will appriciate this new way to preserve memories and even the most proficient scrappers may find something new!

With these learning tools, everybody can become a photo preservation artist, as I like to call scrapbookers. It’s fun, it’s rewarding and learning a new hobby that includes your most prized family photographs is something that your memories deserve. Imagine future generations taking a peek at your life. What will they see, just a stack of photos or the photos with the stories to go with them?

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